Hardwell and Will Sparks Join Forces for Mind-Bending Track, “Twisted”

The new collaboration includes a notable early-2000's era sample from Greg, Jeroenski and Roog.

The proliferation of the big room techno movement has put Hardwell and Will Sparks on a collision course.

The two dance music greats have dropped a frenetic mainstage anthem, "Twisted," which is sure to get a rise out of audiences worldwide. The track notably samples Greg, Jeroenski and Roog's "Your Mind Is Twisted."

Looking back at their respective paths, it would seem the collaboration was a foregone conclusion. Hardwell's return to form last year along with the subsequent release of REBELS NEVER DIE, became the driving force behind the mainstage version of techno audiences are hearing today. 

Sparks was on a similar stylistic path as well. The Australian DJ and producer has proven adaptable over the years and most recently found his footing at the genre-bending intersection of techno, bounce and psytrance.

In "Twisted," the two build on each other's strengths, harnessing an unmatched peak-hour energy. The track's crescendoing vocals bring a chaotic energy into the mix, which is amplified by earth-shaking kicks and bouncing pluck synths. Take a listen to the new collaboration below.


In a press release shared with EDM.com, Hardwell reflected on this serendipitous match made in heaven.

"I'm a big fan of the direction that Will’s taking his sound," said the Dutch dance music superstar. "It perfectly fits what I’m doing right now, so after we talked about working together on a track, we decided to do something that would stand out in our sets. We both love the ‘Your Mind Is Twisted’ sample, which led us into creating this rework loaded with a dose of unrelenting dancefloor energy."

You can stream "Twisted" here.


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