SoundCloud launches unlimited offline access for DJs

Music sharing platform SoundCloud has launched, this week, unlimited offline access available in its DJ performance software integrations.

In 2018, SoundCloud announced their first DJ integration during Amsterdam Dance Event. Two years later, at the same festival, the music platform introduces a new tool: SoundCloud DJ. This monthly DJ plan offers unlimited offline access to SoundCloud’s massive catalogue for use in the favourite DJ applications. In SoundCloud’s blog, we can read on a post about this new feature that ‘SoundCloud’s mission is to build a DJ toolkit for the next generation.’

There are no questions that the platform is taking important steps in innovation and this is the corporate message that prevails. Kerry Trainor, Chief Executive Officer at SoundCloud said

until recently, digital workflows for DJs were limited to downloads and physical media, but streaming workflows are the future’.

SoundCloud wants to break down all kinds of barriers between DJs and their music libraries and the answer to this is SoundCloud DJ. Whether for a small party in the park, a gig at a club or a set for friends on the terrace, with this tool the artists are ready to put the decks on fire anywhere. In addition to overcoming the limitation of internet access, it also gives new freedom to create by allowing people to save high-quality audio files locally in select DJ apps and offline access to 200+ million tracks.

A new in-app track data has also been introduced to help DJs to match songs. This feature allows users to see track’s key and tempo easily and build up mixes more smoothly. Yet to come is a curated playlist to help DJs to kickstart their sets. Let’s keep an eye on this too.

SoundCloud DJ can be used right now with Virtual DJ. Cross DJ and Denon DJ will be added soon as many more partners. This tool comes as a highly competitive subscription for DJs looking for a huge library of music ready to use. Check subscription prices and details here.

Image Credit: Francesco Paggiaro (Pexels)

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