Student Attempts to Throw “Project X”-Style Rave While Inviting All of TikTok

Omar Dhadra's open invitation to his 21st birthday was viewed by over 2.5 million on TikTok—but he didn't think they'd actually show up.

Omar Dhadra is among the select few to come out of their 21st birthday celebration with something to remember.

Dhadra, a London-based university student, had lofty aspirations to turn his 21st birthday into a Project X-style event comparable to the 2012 film of the same name.


Dhadra started the journey when he posted an open invitation to TikTok to join the festivities. The clip quickly spread to over 2.5 million people on the platform, who had mixed reactions from intrigue to eagerness to pure horror.

But it wasn't a marketing ploy, or a money making scheme. According to Dhadra, it was all simply in pursuit of the perfect night.

"We’re creating what we imagine the perfect night to be," Dhadra told Vice prior to the event. "We’re not actually making money, to be honest. That’s not what this is all about. It’s more about just having a sick night."

Law enforcement ultimately caught wind of the invite and forced the cancellation of Dhadra's event at its original address, but he was reportedly able to successfully relocate it to a local club 15 minutes away. It wasn't the destructive house party that the now-infamous film depicted, though it was a resounding success in Dhadra's book. He dubbed it the "best birthday ever." 

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