The Best EDM Songs of 2023

Editor's Note: proudly publishes four installments of annual year-end coverage: Industry Leaders, Performances & DJ Sets, Music Producers and Songs.

The global artist community released new music at a dizzying rate in 2023. It would be unfair to its diverse range of creators to publish a vague blanket list of the year's top dance releases, so we choose 10 popular sub-genres and recognize five songs, each selected by members of the staff.

Check out a playlist of the year's best electronic dance music below, followed by a breakdown of each individual song.


John Summit & Hayla - Where You Are

Summit's moniker is no longer a premonition—it's the actualization of his potential. Prevalently considered the year's best dance record, "Where You Are" is an intoxicating house track graced by Hayla's celestial voice, which is quickly becoming one of the dance music scene's most beloved.

Born out of numerous Zoom sessions between the two, "Where You Are" mirrors the very essence of dance music's core principles: unity and connection. Laden with deep-rooted themes of longing and yearning, the song perfectly encapsulates the collective spirit of the genre, wherein distances fade and hearts converge in shared rhythm on the dancefloor.

It was the track heard 'round the global festival circuit, and it's one with legitimate staying power. Remember where you first heard it?

Words by Shakiel Mahjouri and Cameron Sunkel.

&ME & Black Coffee - The Rapture Pt.III

Each new edition of &ME's "The Rapture" manages to top its predecessor, unfurling layers of intricately crafted house music over time. The Keinemusik star's latest, "The Rapture Pt.III," preserves the lush piano melodies and rousing rhythms the series is known for, adding a cherry on top with the magic touch of South African dance music luminary Black Coffee.

Words by Saad Masood.

ODESZA - This Version of You (Joseph Ray Remix)

The phantasmal allure of ODESZA's The Last Goodbye starts within a nanosecond by virtue of the album's lilting intro track, "This Version of You." Nero's Joseph Ray stunned when he masterfully remixed it into a sublime deep house song, interpolating Julianna Barwick's haunting soliloquy with cinematic production that mirrors the profound depth of ODESZA's coming-of-age story.

Words by Jason Heffler.

FISHER & Aatig - Take It Off

Released in June, "TAKE IT OFF" was the first track of the year from FISHER, but it was well worth the wait. An overnight sensation, it became the song of the summer and took the dance music scene by storm.

Clips of massive crowds belting the song's lyrics on Hollywood Boulevard went viral on social media. Equal parts playful and powerful, "TAKE IT OFF" reaffirmed FISHER as the quintessential architect of house party soundtracks.

Words by Carlie Belbin.

VNSSA - One Pill

VNSSA consciously encapsulated today's house music scene through an artful blend of old and new in "One Pill." She showed out with the track, a dancefloor filler that samples Jefferson Airplane's 1967 classic, "White Rabbit."

Hypnotic and flush with nostalgia, "One Pill" showcases VNSSA's approach to production while transporting us to a state of déjà vu. A true testament to the oddball house sounds of Dirtybird, the energizing track shrewdly channels the acid-rock sound of its source material in upbeat and forward-thinking fashion, further setting the stage for a promising future for VNSSA.

Words by Rachel Freeman.

Honorable Mentions:
Noizu & Westend - Push to Start (feat. No/Me)
Mija - Groove (Body Ocean Remix)
Dom Dolla & MK - Rhyme Dust
Peggy Gou - (It Goes Like) Nanana
Effin - Divine


Knoir & beastboi. - NEURO MAD

Knoir & beastboi. found a home on Subtronics' Cyclops Recordings when they released "NEURO MAD," a full-blown serotonin-flusher that envelops you in its gripping sound design. Squelching synths howl like robotic hawks in the drops while throaty bass growls churn beneath, leading to one of the year's most innovative dubstep records.

Words by Jason Heffler.

LEVEL UP & Austeria - Karmic Retribution (feat. TINYKVT)

A haunting, hard-nosed headbanger's delight, "Karmic Retribution" is everything that makes dubstep great. LEVEL UP and Austeria—along with fellow rising star TINYKVT—are primed for an all-female takeover of the genre. Blink and you might miss LEVEL UP's speed-run from rookie to final boss.

Words by Shakiel Mahjouri.

Eptic - Tactix (feat. Joey Valence & Brae)

Sampling Joy Valence & Brae's trunk-thumping rap track "PUNK TACTICS," Eptic's "Tactix" has been a staple of the bass music virtuoso's DJ sets throughout 2023. This gem combines everything that's special about the Belgian producer's music: frenetic sound design, unmatched charisma and an arrangement that keeps you on your toes—and then turns it all up a notch to deliver a no-holds-barred dubstep anthem.

Words by Konstantinos Karakolis.

Subtronics & HOL! - Mind Pluck

Both Subtronics and HOL! have meticulously made their savvy sound design hallmarks of their respective projects. "Mind Pluck" saw both artists showcase the very best of their deep production arsenals, churning out a mind-melting anthem that dominated the festival circuit in 2023 en route to its unassailable status as one of the year's most popular dubstep releases.

Words by Niko Sani.


Heralded as one of the electronic music scene's most celebrated and inspiring artists due to his insatiable blend of dubstep, funk and electro-soul, GRiZ had yet another sensational year. A new album and 24-track "ID Bible" arrived ahead of a hiatus for the prolific producer, who is now on an indefinite hiatus to spend more time with friends and family.

So naturally it only made sense for GRiZ's sole standalone single of 2023, "SAXORiDDiM," to be the biggest anthem of all. The dubstep banger is replete with his radiant saxophone melodies, tiding fans over with his prized funkstep sound for the foreseeable future as he takes a well-deserved break.

Words by Mikala Lugen.

Honorable Mentions:
Jessica Audiffred - Stay With Me
SampliFire & YAKZ - Menticide
Cyclops - Eye Candy
A Hundred Drums & Coki - Beginning To The End
HOL! - Country Riddim

Drum & Bass

venbee & Rudimental - die young

venbee was arguably one of the drum & bass scene's biggest breakouts of 2023, a year that saw the release of her debut mixtape, zero experience. Rounding off the project in awe-inspiring fashion, "die young" is a deeply personal single from the surging English artist. It also serves as a massive endorsement from her collaborators, Rudimental, one of the UK's persevering drum & bass and dance music icons.

Words by Konstantinos Karakolis.

Kenya Grace - Strangers

You must be familiar with "Strangers" by now. Kenya Grace, an artist wholly her own, wrote and produced this worldwide hit from within the four walls of her bedroom. It’s a euphoric song that transcends the confines of electronic music and helped fuel a global re-emergence of liquid drum & bass in 2023.

After blowing up on TikTok to the tune of over 1.1 million videos, the ethereal "Strangers" led to a pivotal moment in the blindingly bright career of Grace. The transformative track became the first #1 song in the history of Billboard's Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart to be written, produced and sung solely by a woman.

Words by Brooke Bierman and Shakiel Mahjouri.

Hedex - MHITR (Semi Automatic) [feat. Eksman]

The highlight of Hedex's unbelievable year, "MHITR (Semi-Automatic)" consistently enthralled ravers with its croaking bass and contagious vocals, which fired off at a breakneck pace and sent every room into a frenzy. In the midst of all the chaos, the song's namesake, "My Home is the Rave," became a popular mantra for the drum & bass community.

Thanks to its frenetic pacing and Eksman's spit-fire lyrics, "MHITR" is a captivating listen from start to finish. Adding to its acclaim, Tiësto unexpectedly played the song on the mainstage at Ultra Miami 2023, a move that not only surprised the audience, but also led to an amusing trending moment on social media. This crossover from a drum & bass heavyweight into the mainstream electronic sphere reinforced the jump-up track as a ubiquitous anthem throughout 2023 as Hedex experienced a bona fide breakout.

Words by Cameron Sunkel and Nick Yopko.

Chase & Status, Bou - Baddadan (feat. IRAH, Flowdan, Trigga & Takura)

With no signs of slowing down, pioneering duo Chase & Status have been active in the drum & bass scene for the better part of two decades now. They teamed up with Bou in 2023 to produce "Baddadan," an instant fan-favorite that ultimately became the year's most popular drum & bass release by a landslide. Introducing many around the world to the genre, "Baddadan" has the feel of a generational anthem.

Words by Nick Yopko and Carlie Belbin.

Sub Focus - I Found You (feat. Hayla)

Sub Focus remained one of the most important figures in drum & bass as the genre experienced an explosive stateside renaissance in 2023—and it's easy to see why. His profound ability to produce vocal-driven drum & bass hits was never in flux, but he reinforced his reputation with "I Found You," a blissed-out festival anthem featuring Hayla's enchanting voice.

Words by Niko Sani.

Honorable Mentions:
gyrofield - Maybes
Tom Finster — Night On Earth (Vorso Remix)
Sweetpea & Iris - DFS
The Caracal Project - Stone cold.
REAPER - MONSTER (with Josh Rubin)


Control Freak - DANCEWITHME

At just 21, Control Freak's impact is nascent—but it's undeniable. Released on RL Grime's Sable Valley, "DANCEWITHME" demonstrates his profound ability to generate visceral energy in his music, featuring a nasty combination of tense builds, thick subs and metallic snares that encapsulates the skillset of one of the brightest producers in the scene.

Words by Andrea Nguyen.

Pauline Herr & Jon Casey - Toxic

Pauline Herr's aching vocals float through a haze of Jon Casey's woozy bass in their hypnotic trap ballad "Toxic,” which pulls you in with throbbing beats that thwack like emotional punching bags. Herr's fragile lyrics depict a relationship as brittle as glass, the verses cascading over the pair's deep 808s and fluttering arpeggios to create a heavy yet spellbinding listen.

Words by Jason Heffler.

Daily Bread - Snickerz

Throughout the course of eight album releases, the transcendent Daily Bread quietly established himself one of the scene's most prolific music producers. In 2023 he dropped his first full-length in four years, the masterful Invisible Cinema, and reminded the electronic music community of his persevering penchant for experimentation in the studio.

Case in point is "Snickerz," wherein Daily Bread produces an infectious concoction of electro-soul and vintage trip-hop with glitched-out bass that hits the sonic sweet spot like your favorite candy bar.

Words by Mikala Lugen.

QUIX - Oxygen

One of the electronic music scene's most gifted sound designers, QUIX has furiously risen through the ranks with a sound all his own. The New Zealand beatsmith's fresh and forward-thinking track "Oxygen" is an undeniable standout in a year flush with innovative bass music, its hypnotic grooves and frenetic synths dousing flavor throughout a gritty arrangement.

Words by Lennon Cihak.

Hamdi - Counting (feat. Princess Superstar)

Hamdi kicked the door off 2023's hinges and seated himself firmly on its throne with unbelievable tracks that his DJ contemporaries simply couldn't help but rinse in every set. Perhaps no song paints that picture more than the delightfully inescapable "Counting," wherein he interlaces masterfully crafted wobbles with Princess Superstar's addictive vocals.

"Counting" set the stage for a breakout for Hamdi, who had a massive year, to say the least. While he certainly made a name for himself with the release of 2021's "Skanka," his Deadbeats debut instilled the notion that this bass music virtuoso is not only here to stay, but also primed for a dominant 2024.

Words by Nick Yopko and Carlie Belbin.

Honorable Mentions:
ISOxo - dontstopme!
episcool & Dabow - Gastown
Levity - Flip It
Nyptane - Disenchanted
Hairitage - Powerful

Future Bass/Wave

Alison Wonderland - Thirst (Hex Cougar Remix)

Alison Wonderland stunned with her brazen anthem "Thirst," wherein her searing lyrics spit fire at fame-hungry wannabes thirsty for stardom's glittery trappings. If her unapologetic vocals didn't disintegrate that mirage for the clout-chasers, Hex Cougar finished the job by dropping his heavy-hitting Wave remix, the production of which wallops with the tempestuous defiance of its source material.

Words by Jason Heffler.

RL Grime - Pour Your Heart Out (feat. 070 Shake)

In a career-defining year, RL Grime released his third album PLAY and not only offered his most inventive opus to date, but also solidified his place amongst the foremost innovators in electronic music production. Captivating us with raw emotion, "Pour Your Heart Out" saw his hit-making abilities elevate to new heights with a helping hand from 070 Shake. 

Soaring on the wings of Grime's groundbreaking, synth-heavy production, the song quickly became one of the main attractions of his remarkable live performances, which continued to whisk fans away on an ineffable journey through his ageless sound.

Words by Niko Sani and Mikala Lugen.

San Holo - ENERGY (feat. What So Not)

Another collaboration between San Holo and What So Not had been a long time coming since they first crossed paths in 2018 to produce "If You Only Knew," a track featuring Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns that appeared on the latter's Not All the Beautiful Things LP.

Reuniting to create pure magic five years later, they collaborated on "ENERGY," one of the deeper cuts from Holo's third album, EXISTENTIAL DANCE MUSIC. The standout single ebbs and flows with the signature ethereal sounds of both producers, who remain at the vanguard of all things melodic.

Words by Konstantinos Karakolis.

Dabin & Kai Wachi - Hollow (feat. Lø Spirit)

Dabin and Kai Wachi delivered in signature fashion with "Hollow," which features the angsty vocals of Lø Spirit. With its unique metalcore and rock influences, the song blends Dabin's time-tested, ethereal future bass sound with Wachi's ferocious touch. Its innovative blend of genres and compelling vocal performance make it a showpiece for both artists, and it should resonate for their fans for years to come.

Words by Andrea Nguyen.

Moore Kismet - three little words (feat. Anna Dellaria) Class of 2021 star Moore Kismet quenched love-parched listeners with "three little words," a track with a heartbeat that palpitates through their effervescent production. Contrasting lyrical turmoil that grasps for a poisonous love, Anna Delaria's feathery vocals take us on a dizzying emotional rollercoaster that soars skyward on euphoric synths yet dives into forbidden temptations—a sugary rush of forbidden fruit.

Words by Jason Heffler.

Honorable Mentions:
Last Heroes & Nevve - I Love You Enough to Let You Go
SABAI & RUNN - Landslide
OddKidOut & Britt Lari - NEED IT
ROSSY - HEAVENS DOOR (with Pauline Herr)
VILLA - sacred


Anyma & Chris Avantgarde - Eternity

Releasing three jaw-dropping collaborations in under two years and effectively redefining Afterlife’s sound, Anyma and Chris Avantgrade are a match made in melodic techno heaven. "Eternity," however, is their tour de force.

A standout in the red-hot melodic techno genre, the track garnered widespread popularity through its vivid representation at Tale of Us' many branded Afterlife events. An astounding visual of an android struggling to break through a massive screen "enclosure" accompanies the song's swarm of metallic synths and unrelenting bass, symbolizing sentience in spectacular fashion.

"Eternity" naturally became a social media sensation by proxy, enthralling audiences with its blend of entrancing melody and powerful visual narrative. The collaboration quickly became a fan-favorite and a de facto emblem of the evolving nature of live electronic music events.

Words by Cameron Sunkel and Saad Masood.

Eli Brown - Be The One

Upon first listen, Eli Brown's "Be The One" immediately transports you back to the '90s, when the sounds of acid house could only be found inside gritty, illegal warehouse raves. The record makes its 21st-century connection by virtue of its techno-driven basslines and infectious vocals.

Brown's rise to prominence was remarkable and his innovative approach to techno led to a breakout year. With its infectious hook and propulsive bassline, "Be The One" is emblematic of that triumph, quickly becoming a staple of the 2023 festival circuit and enabling techno to further permeate the mainstream.

Words by Ulises Vargas and Niko Sani.

Charlotte de Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano - Reflection

Charlotte de Witte's most-streamed song of 2023, "Reflection" is an undisputed peak-hour anthem that displays her eerie yet blood-pumping production style. A collaboration with her husband, fellow techno superstar Enrico Sangiuliano, the track went off in both of their DJ sets all year thanks to its cerebral sound design and haunting soliloquy in the break.

Words by Konstantinos Karakolis.

Alignment - Close Your Eyes

Lifting off with more fuel than a rocket to a faraway planet, Alignment landed on Charlotte de Witte's KNTXT label with "Close Your Eyes." Pitting unstable rave sounds against snappy melodies, the Italian techno star's jittery production leads to tense builds, but it's worth it when he opens the floodgates with ferocious drops oozing with warehouse rave energy.

Words by Lennon Cihak.

Mau P & Kevin De Vries - Metro

Thanks to its mesmerizing blend of pulsing bass and hypnotic soundscapes with a captivating rhythm, Kevin de Vries and Mau P's "Metro" is arguably the year's best techno track. The haunting song dropped on Afterlife,'s best record label of 2023, in July and instantly became a summer staple at the brand's many viral events, ultimately planting its flag as the year's quintessential melodic techno record.

Words by Jarett Lopez and Jason Heffler.

Honorable Mentions:
Nicole Moudaber - Reasons To Love You
Kx5 & SOFI TUKKER - Sacrifice
Underworld - denver luna
Indira Paganotto & Nina Kraviz - white horse
Amber Broos - Amok


Rezz & Grabbitz - Signal

Following their fan-favorite collaboration "Someone Else," a track that clinched a spot in's list of best songs of 2020, Rezz and Grabbitz teamed up again to create "Signal." The track saw them recapture that magic, resonating with the singular energy that made its predecessor a global hit.

"Signal" opens with haunting keys before Grabbitz's emotive vocals, infused with a rock essence, intertwine flawlessly with Rezz's signature midtempo production. Overall, the song perfectly echoes the duo's knack for crafting intoxicating, bass-driven electronic music. These two simply do not miss.

Words by Cameron Sunkel and Niko Sani.

Kill The Noise, Feed Me & Tasha Baxter - Mirage

Kill The Noise stunned this year with his third album, HOLLOW WORLD. One of its surefire standouts, "Mirage" is a dynamic collaboration with Feed Me and Tasha Baxter that presents a menacing mélange of bass, breaks and storytelling. As with most other productions from Kill The Noise and Feed Me, it's impossible to predict what's coming next—but there's no doubt it'll subvert and stand the test of time.

Words by Lennon Cihak.

CloZee - Microworlds

CloZee's "Microworlds" perfectly captures the essence of her celestial and sublime production style, a sound all her own. Serving as the opener of her studio album of the same name—and the inspiration behind her massive 2023 North American tour—it's a glittering midtempo track that beautifully strays from the genre's more popular, darker sensibilities.

Words by Brooke Bierman.

JVNA - Savage

One of the many cathartic cuts from her massive sophomore album Play With You, JVNA's defiant anthem "Savage" roars like a caged lion finally tasting freedom. Hungry to rediscover long-lost wildness, her lyrics prowl through stale relationships to deliver an electric rallying cry that leaves listeners with newfound purpose.

Words by Jason Heffler.

GRiZ - In This World

There isn't a genre in this world designed to make you feel as good as electronic music does. And there may also not be a producer more committed to good vibes than GRiZ. This genre-bending funkstep track lives up to the mission statement of its vocal sample: "Spread love to the whole generation."

Words by Shakiel Mahjouri.

Honorable Mentions:
Nvctve - Torment
REZZMAU5 - Infraliminal (Isabelle's Version)
acloudyskye - Pressure
LŪN & EDDIE - Post-Rave Heist


33 Below - HOLD TIGHT (feat. Chrystel)

The cornerstone of any dance-pop track is its ability to make you move—and 33 Below has it in droves. He flexed with the stunning "HOLD TIGHT," wherein his effervescent beats evoke the giddy rush of a crush even as vulnerable lyrics ache with longing. Clinging to fading hope like a spiderweb in the wind, Christel's lovelorn vocals capture infatuation's heady highs and hopeless lows in one of the year's best dance records.

Words by Jason Heffler.

Aluna, Pabllo Vittar & MNEK - Oh The Glamour (feat. Eden Prince)

"Oh The Glamour" sparkles like glittering eyeshadow over a pulsating beat as Aluna, MNEK, Pabllo Vittar and Eden Prince insist they're ready for their closeup. Their unapologetic vocals and lyrical bravado star in this high-profile collaboration, a bold dance-pop record that invites us to live out loud and celebrate self-love. Throw in a Mean Girls reference, and you've got an anthem.

Words by Jason Heffler.

ILLENIUM - Eyes Wide Shut (with Avril Lavigne & Travis Barker)

ILLENIUM's staying power is undeniable, and while his influence on the broader dance music scene can be detected across an entire generation of producers, his pop-leaning sound is just beginning to leave its indelible mark. He masterfully channels the angst of pop-punk in "Eyes Wide Shut," a high-profile collaboration with Avril Lavigne and Travis Barker that showcased his profound ability to harness his electronic roots to achieve radio and mainstream success.

Words by Niko Sani.

Troye Sivan - Rush

Driven by irresistible house production, charismatic falsettos and instantly recognizable gang vocals in the chorus, Troye Sivan’s "Rush" is unfiltered dance-pop heaven. The monumental track spearheaded the rollout of the queer icon's first album in five years, Something to Give Each Other, and saw him embrace a dance-driven direction. To the surprise of no one, "Rush" and its vibrant music video each received 2024 Grammy nominations.

Words by Konstantinos Karakolis.

Kim Petras - King of Hearts

Kim Petras' "King of Hearts" embeds an addictive sonic palette with an even catchier chorus for a four-on-the-floor pop roller. Piercing kicks, rave synths and chugging basslines complement her scorching vocals as she sweeps away the dancefloor with an infectious and euphoric record.

Words by Lennon Cihak.

Honorable Mentions:
Kaleena Zanders & Anabel Englund – Anything 4 U
ayokay – Here, Forever
Joel Corry - Lonely
Sunday Scaries & Hayley May - Waste My Love
Tkay Maidza - Ghost!


Billy Gillies - DNA (Loving You) [feat. Hannah Boleyn]

In 2023, Northern Ireland's Billy Gillies graced us with "DNA (Loving You)," a happy-go-lucky record that is unapologetically trance. Featuring vocals by Hannah Boleyn, the track harkens back to the early days of trance with its emotive lyrics, driving beat and soaring, ethereal breakdown. As the song comes to a close, it's tough not to emerge with your spirits elevated and a smile across your face.

Words by Ulises Vargas.

Jean-Michel Jarre & Armin van Buuren - EPICA MAXIMA

Armin van Buuren and Jean-Michel Jarre reunited this year to produce a stunning track, "EPICA MAXIMA." Their second collaboration after 2015’s "Stardust," the song showcases a unique synergy between the two pioneering producers.

Jarre, who has been one of van Buuren's biggest influences, originally released "Epica" in 2022. The reimagined "EPICA MAXIMA" version infuses its source material with an elevated, stadium-filling energy. The fresh take on Jarre's composition blends seamlessly with van Buuren's signature style to deliver a trance stunner that resonates long after its last note.

Words by Cameron Sunkel.

Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding - Miracle (Hardwell Remix)

Calvin Harris in 2023 called upon Hardwell to rework "Miracle," his stunning collaboration with Ellie Goulding. He maintained the ethereal swirl of Goulding's lyricism while producing a tense build, which quickly picks up speed before launching us into a cathartic drop—a signature of the Dutch dance music icon. The prominent chords found in Harris' original take a back seat to make way for Hardwell's enthralling four-on-the-floor beat, one of the year's best in progressive trance.

Words by Carlie Belbin.

Seven Lions & Above & Beyond - Over Now (feat. Opposite The Other)

Seven Lions and Above & Beyond specialize in soul-stirring songs that linger in the mind long after their releases. With "Over Now," the spiritual successor to the fan-favorite "See The End" alongside Opposite The Other, the electronic music icons crafted yet another heartfelt trance anthem that’s destined to remain a staple of their live performances for years to come.

Words by Niko Sani.

Gareth Emery - Mistral

"Mistral" is the work of an artist that can truly be called an icon. Influential trance producer Gareth Emery once again delivered an instant classic with this masterful track, which soaks us in warm, dramatic synths. After becoming fully immersed, listeners are then beamed into a peaktime anthem perfect for Emery's illusory laser shows.

Words by Nick Yopko.

Honorable Mentions:
Chicane - Saltwater (feat. Moya Brennan) [Ilan Bluestone Remix]
Christina Novelli & Sarah de Warren - Leaving Me

ALPHA 9 - Rhythm of Your Heart
OceanLab - Beautiful Together (Genix Remix)
Moonclipse - Endless


The Midnight - Land Locked Heart

"Land Locked Heart" is a bittersweet synthwave track awash in the neon glow of love lost. The Midnight's nostalgic keys and wistful vocals glide over the stunning song's retro soundscapes, reflecting on a relationship drifting away like a sailboat no longer anchored.

Words by Jason Heffler.

Com Truise - 4 Morant (Better Luck Next Time)

Com Truise, a stalwart of synthwave, delivered one of the best records of his illustrious career thus far when he released "4 Morant (Better Luck Next Time)." Creating an immersive soundscape that takes hold and never lets go, the track showcases his hallmark blend of retro and futuristic sounds, and reflects a meticulous attention to detail. The song's rich, layered synths intertwine with crisp rhythms, underlining its lyrical themes of disappointment, self-reflection and striving for betterment.

Words by Cameron Sunkel.

VØJ & Narvent - Memory Reboot

A unique blend of nostalgia and futurism manifest in "Memory Reboot," wherein a hypnotic beat perfectly encapsulates the sounds of modern synthwave music. VØJ and Narvent's dreamlike production shines through in the enthralling instrumental track, capturing that ineffable moment in time when it seems to stand still.

Words by Rachel Freeman.

Gunship - DooM Dance (feat. Carpenter Brut & Gavin Rossdale)

"DooM Dance" is a monumental collaboration between two of synthwave's biggest acts, Gunship and Carpenter Brut, who have headlined the niche genre with their rock-infused sound for many years. They brought their unique talents together alongside Gavin Rossdale of the legendary post-grunge band Bush, with whom they produced a soaring synthwave anthem that will have you scrambling to find your old leather jacket.

Words by Nick Yopko.

Mega Drive - NARC3

Mega Drive has flown the flag of synthwave for over a decade, but this year's 200XAD album was a tour de force. With its darkly tinged synths and propulsive beat, "NARC3" is a surefire standout, driving forward like a neon-lit muscle car racing through the night. When the song shifts gears into its stunning guitar solo, mournful bends wail like sirens echoing down empty city streets before the engines throttle back into overdrive.

Words by Jason Heffler.

Honorable Mentions:
Windows 96 - Near Death Experience (feat. Gavriel)
Sunesis - Black PrismA
808weeds - Lilith
Abstract Void - In the Dawn

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