Inside DGTL’s U.S. Debut, a Fusion of Raving, Innovation and Environmental Consciousness

DGTL USA's debut in New York City was not only a musical spectacle, but also a testament to environmentally responsible event production. Collaborating with the seasoned Teksupport,'s best event organizer of 2023, DGTL set a new benchmark in the realm of eco-friendly festivals.

Orchestrated by the Amsterdam-based DGTL team, the event masterfully blended an immersive environment with a lineup of stellar DJs, transforming a Brooklyn venue into an electrifying hub of electronic music culture.

Michael Poselski/offbrandproject

The festival's lineup was a carefully curated mix of established and emerging talents. The stage saw mesmerizing performances from WhoMadeWho, Henrik Schwarz and Mano Le Tough. Shubostar added to the magic alongside Class of 2023 star AMÉMÉ and the renowned Ida Engberg.

Each set was a journey through tech-fueled beats and newfangled sounds from the underground, ultimately delivering a showcase of the beloved DGTL. The brand is an annual staple of the Amsterdam Dance Event, the largest electronic music conference in the world, and they made a statement for their first foray into the U.S. sector.

Michael Poselski/offbrandproject

All said and done, DGTL NYC was a groundbreaking event that went beyond just music. It was a celebration of artistic innovation, environmental consciousness and the unifying power of EDM, leaving an indelible mark on New York's vibrant cultural landscape.

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