The Chainsmokers release lo-fi remixes of recent album ‘So Far So Good’: Listen

The Chainsmokers returned with new music in 2022 for the first time since 2019, providing fans with their fourth album, So Far, So Good, in May of this year.  While the duo would go on to share three more singles beyond the album, they weren’t done for the year as they have surprised fans with a “lo-fi remix” edition of the album last week.

While The Chainsmokers Drew Taggart and Alex Pall are generally known for their radio friendly house style drops and borderline “emo-EDM” lyric style, the group is looking to tread new water with this latest release.  Taking to social media, the group shared how they decided in the middle of the So Far, So Good recording sessions that they would like to create an alternate version of the album.

“I remember about half way through the making of SFSG when we had the idea of remaking the entire album as lofi. It’s not like we weren’t knee deep in finishing the main album… why not start another. But that’s what we did.”

With the lo-fi remixes, The Chainsmokers are willing to peal back the electronic synths of their normal releases and instead explore more ambient pads and vocals awash in reverb.  Opening with the appropriately titled, Something Different, the group creates a musical palette that is subdued, relaxed and accessible in a whole new way.  While the project seemingly started as an innocent experiment, The Chainsmokers reveal how it became a project that felt worth the time to see through:

“We did the first song something different that day and knew we had to see this through. All 13 records. We had always been obsessed with the lush tones and simple complexity of lofi and just how relaxing the genre had been for us when we were stressed in our lives.

Now that the album is here, it is a worthwhile listen and a commendable and relaxing entry as the Pall and Taggert showcase a whole different side to the group that is known for radio singles like Closer and Something Just Like This.  Perhaps the best way to describe the purpose and feel of the album is to simply let The Chainsmokers speak for themselves:

So finally this Friday the lofi album drops. We are so proud of it and hope it brings you all comfort and calmness. And to all the lofi pioneers out there we hope we did the genre Justice


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