TikTok’s “Work with Artists” Gamifies Content Creation–And It’s a Big Win for Artists

TikTok is making it easier for creators to connect with artists directly in the app. 

As shared in a new report from Music Ally, TikTok's "Work with Artists" allows creators to "pick a paid music task you're interested in; create a video with that song and post it; the more likes, shares, and views you get, the more you earn!"

In a series of screenshots shared by Jonah Manzano on Twitter, he showcased a track called "Never Alone" by Garrett Kato & Elina. They were offering a campaign for five days and a monetary reward of $120 to the creator with the most likes. Lower payouts are given to those in the top 10 for that specific campaign as well.


"Work with Artists" provides transparency from the get-go and reduces the reach-out time for creators. Within the program, artists are able to set the budget for their campaign, and TikTok creators will compete to get the most engagement on their video.

"We're constantly testing new ways to bring value to our community," a TikTok spokesperson told Music Ally. "Currently we're testing new ways to give artists additional routes to build engagement and reach new audiences."

TikTok appears to be steering the program to focus on smaller creators instead of global superstars like Dixie D'Amelio, who raked in a jaw-dropping $17.5 million in 2021 from TikTok alone. Stars of D'Amelio's caliber charge upwards of $500,000 per post, with most averaging around $100,000 to $250,000 per post, according to Forbes estimates. 

At the time of this article's posting, there has been no official announcement from TikTok about this program, although, it seems very promising for creators and artists.

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