“Until We Meet Again”: Avicii’s Former Girlfriend Pens Heartfelt Tribute

Five years after his tragic death, Tereza Kačerová shared a touching anecdote that underscores Avicii's enduring legacy in the electronic dance music community.

Last week, the world remembered Avicii five years to the day of his tragic death.

Despite the passage of time, the iconic artist's legacy continues to be felt within the broader dance music landscape and out on the festival circuit. Taking to Instagram, Avicii's former girlfriend, Tereza Kačerová, spoke of one relatively recent anecdote that occurred at last year's Tomorrowland which inevitably reminded her of Avicii's eternal impact.

"I laughed as we showed someone a video of me saying 'anywayyy' and going back to dancing with tears streaming down my face because someone had just played your song... I will literally never in my life not cry at a festival again when they inevitably play one of your bangers," she wrote.


Sean Eriksson

Kačerová explained that Avicii's passing left her unable to move on for quite some time, but she ultimately learned to view her relationship with him from a place of gratitude.

"I was for so long after you died, unable to just focus on how extraordinarily lucky I was to have gotten to spend that much time with you..." she continued. "Now when I think of you I think of how charming it was how wildly creatively talented you were, how you would sit at that piano overlooking the world and just play until melodies 'came to you.'"

Aside from praising his musical talents, Kačerová eulogized Avicii for his kindness and his role in the life of her son as a "spectacular" father figure. You can read her full tribute below and donate to the Tim Bergling Foundation here.

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