2024 On the Dancefloor: EDM.com’s Guide to New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas

When it comes to New Year's Eve, there's nothing quite like Vegas, where even the hangover comes with a side of unforgettable memories.

As the real world fades with the old year, now's the time to throw inhibition to the wind and send it to Vegas, where the nation's leading nightclubs spare no expense when it comes to their champagne countdowns. And when the clock strikes midnight, these euphoric spaces become landscapes of blissed-out catharsis, uniting strangers in a moment of new beginnings.

We've cut through the noise to compile a list of the best Vegas parties and clubs to attend to ring in the new year. You can find the events below along with their respective ticketing links.

Las Vegas NYE Nightclubs and Parties

Friday, December 29th

Saturday, December 30th

Sunday, December 31st

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