The World’s First AI Radio Station Is Equipped to Write and Deliver Full Broadcasts—and Replicate DJs

If you thought radio hosts and DJs were safe from the disruptive potential of AI, guess again.

GPT-3 is beaming in with a special radio broadcast.

The famous AI model powering programs such as ChatGPT has already demonstrated a disruptive potential to shake up a variety of industries and functions—and now radio DJs may soon be caught in its wreckage. A Cleveland-based media company, Futuri, has launched what it calls the world's first AI-driven localized radio platform, RadioGPT.

Futuri's blueprint for local radio is created by marrying GPT-3 with proprietary TopicPulse technology. The tech first crawls social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, among other sources, to identify relevant stories. GPT-3 then creates a script based off of those findings before leveraging AI-voice technology to create and deliver the associated audio.

"As early AI innovators in the broadcast space, it’s only natural that we’re bringing the incredible power of GPT-3 technology, paired with groundbreaking technology like TopicPulse, to radio," Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig said in a statement.

"The ability for broadcasters to use RadioGPT to localize their on-air content in a turnkey fashion opens up resources for them to deepen their important home-field advantages in new and unique ways," Anstandig continued. "With RadioGPT, the possibilities are endless. With RadioGPT, there should never be a ‘liner card’ or ‘sweeper-only’ air shift again. Now everyone can be live and local."

The company's press release also notes that the technology can be trained to replicate the voices of existing radio personalities, like DJs.

To stay up to date on the forthcoming beta launch of RadioGPT, head over to the company's website.

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