5 Things Not to Miss Under the Electric Sky at EDC Las Vegas 2022

There's less than two weeks until dance music fans unite by the thousands under the electric sky at EDC Las Vegas, and the excitement around the kickoff of North America's largest dance music festival has reached a fever pitch. 

Despite having just held EDC Las Vegas in October of last year, the Insomniac team has been hard at work bringing more new innovations to their flagship offering. This year's EDC experience includes the addition of a new stage, more rare back-to-back performances, and the same high-quality production fans of the festival have come to know and love. 

Discover our top five things to consider as you plan to make your EDC 2022 experience a memorable one.

EDC Announces Addition of bionicJUNGLE, the Festival's 9th Stage

In typical EDC fashion, the festival continues to grow and evolve with each passing year. Despite already having earned a reputation for best-in-class production, the Insomniac team’s appetite to stay on the cutting edge hasn’t slowed in the slightest.

This year for 2022, Insomniac has announced a brand new stage called, bionicJUNGLE. House music is in the middle of another high-growth chapter, and this unifying electronic genre continues to explode with mainstream appeal while additionally leading creators to forge niche creative lanes of their own.

To that end, bionicJUNGLE will become another key platform to spotlight the breadth of creativity within the house music community. The addition of bionicJUNGLE is just one more way Insomniac is demonstrating an ability to curate a truly transformative environment and encourage fans to continue to dream big about the overwhelming possibilities of the EDC experience.

The Festival Circuit’s Most Unique Back-to-Back Sets

deadmau5 kaskade kx5

deadmau5 and Kaskade stand together for Kx5 press photo

As the biggest dance music festival in North America, EDC’s high visibility and larger-than-life production naturally incentivizes artists to bring out their best. Oftentimes, the best way for artists to make a splash is to push performative boundaries and explore their collaborative artistic synergies. In dance music, back-to-back sets are oftentimes the lifeblood of a memorable festival experience, and EDC has these attention-grabbing performances in spades.

To that end, you’ll find the scene’s genre-defining artists are teaming up in droves at EDC 2022. David Guetta and MORTEN are slated to give fans a masterclass in future rave, Getter and Space Laces are aiming to blow minds with a versatile bass music offering, and deadmau5 and Kaskade’s Kx5 is set to deliver dance music’s most tenured fans a heavy dose of nostalgia.

The Mystical Performers of EDC


Scattered and roaming all throughout the festival grounds are a band of otherworldly characters. The brainchild of MSEASY and the team at Insomniac Entertainers, the performers of EDC add another layer of immersion to this one-of-a-kind experience.

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EDC Las Vegas

5 Things Not to Miss Under the Electric Sky at EDC Las Vegas 2022

Even after more than a quarter century of show-stopping action, EDC continues to maintain an insatiable appetite for innovation.

Dressed in transformative costumes, they collectively boast a diverse set of skills and experiences, specializing in everything from stilt-walking to fire-dancing. On the festival grounds, attendees have the opportunity to meet these performers, take pictures with them, and dance the night away together from dusk until dawn. Discover what each of these performers contributes to one of dance music’s most creative festival communities.

Explore Immersive Activations and Installations

The descriptors “interactive” and “immersive” are often overused, and few experiences are truly defined by both terms simultaneously. EDC is among the few rare exceptions. All throughout the festival, fans are sure to find interesting and exotic creations. The installations take many forms—from entire houses built to look like old saloons to structures towering larger than buildings such as Michael Benisty’s “Rise,” a fire-breathing humanoid chrome installation that debuted at EDC last year.

The interactive nature of these installations means you and your friends can escape reality at seemingly every turn and explore alternate worlds all nested within the grounds of EDC.

Another form of artistic experiences within the world of EDC are the festival's vibrant art cars. Every year, decorated vehicles are brought to the festival grounds creating a miniature club-like atmosphere within the immediate range of these souped-up mobile stages.

From creations in the form of full-size pirate ships, boomboxes, and other exotic structures, the art cars feature awe-inspiring displays of the dance music community's undying creativity. Special guest DJs have been known to make surprise appearances, such as Illenium, who serendipitously dropped in on the action last year.

Dazzling Technological and Pyrotechnic Displays

There's a very good reason why the EDC festival grounds are said to be “under the electric sky." The event’s dazzling fireworks display stands as a staple signature moment of the festival, and it’s a part of the experience that seemingly continues to grow in scale with each passing year.

Last year, EDC upped the ante with a particularly special opening ceremony as a band of 600 drones filed throughout the sky, morphing into different images like a technological marching band. This ceremony was held in conjunction with the festival’s world famous firework displays.

Every night you can expect to see a truly gargantuan display of pyrotechnics not seen anywhere else. The sheer quantity of firework power present at EDC is hard to understate. For the best view of these world-renowned shows, hike up to the bleachers that overlook the cosmicMEADOW stage, and take a seat to revel in the majesty of EDC from a clear vantage point. Rest assured, however, you can see the dazzling displays from any standing point throughout the festival grounds. 

EDC Las Vegas kicks off next week, on May 20th. You can check out the full lineup here.


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