AREA15’s Next Expansion Will Include a Hotel, Nightclub and Decommissioned Boeing 747 for Events

Known for its fusion of art and technology, AREA15 has become a cornerstone for avant-garde experiences in Las Vegas. From interactive art installations to exhilarating electronic music events, the complex offers a haven for those seeking all things extraordinary.

AREA15 has only had its doors open since January 2020, but its proprietors are already readying the campus' next wave of development. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the expansion heralds the unveiling of a hotel and nightclub, marking a significant stride in AREA15's journey.

As part of its second expansion—and with a third phase in the works dubbed "Vegas Rising" that was approved last year—AREA15 is gearing up to significantly broaden its horizons.


Bright Light Digital Art

"People are coming over here for a different form of entertainment that cannot be had over [on the Strip]," said AREA15 CEO Winston Fisher. "And what [the Strip] does is amazing, and our goal is to be additive to all of that, but different at the same time."

The 20-acre expansion became official in January, promising over 1,300 apartment units, a 118,000-square-foot hotel and nightclub, and a 9,000-square-foot plaza that includes outdoor dining. They've also reportedly secured a decommissioned Boeing 747 aircraft, which will be repurposed for events.

Moreover, in a city known for its boundless entertainment options, AREA15's expansion aims to add a unique flavor to the mix. The new nightclub is anticipated to become a mecca for electronic dance music enthusiasts, offering a stage for both established and emerging DJs to enchant crowds with spellbinding visuals. The expansion is not only a testament to AREA15's growing influence in Sin City's robust entertainment sphere, but also a beacon of the evolving synergy between dance music and interactive art.

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