Austin’s Seismic Spring Lite Festival Shuffled Its Way Into Our Hearts in 2024

Seismic Spring Lite once again electrified the vibrant city of Austin, Texas as dance music enthusiasts from near and far gathered at The Concourse Project for a weekend of unforgettable experiences.

As the younger sibling of RealMusic’s esteemed Seismic Dance Event, the festival's organizers celebrated its second year with the promise of more to come. This two-day extravaganza serves as a prelude to festival season and to the main event slated for November.

The allure of The Concourse Project lies not only in its prestige, but also in its excellent production and effective layout. Festival-goers are immediately immersed in the experience when they enter the festival and, best of all, there’s no hassle of navigating extensive distances between stages, amenities and vendors—Concourse is an intimate venue run by an experienced team that knows how to put on a great show.

The festivities kicked off in style as attendees gathered on the patio, soaking in the palpable energy that permeated the Austin air. Among our early highlights was an enlightening conversation with SCRIPT, formerly known as Kill Script, who shared insights into his rebranding journey and signing to the Encode Talent roster.

"It's always kinda been the idea to change the name," SCRIPT told "Having the word 'kill' in the name is kind of limiting to the world, so it’s always been the plan to change the name and getting the offer from Encode just seems like the right time to do it."

His electrifying sets on both the Mainstage and Patio Stage set the tone for a night replete with boundless energy.

SCRIPT, formerly known as Kill Script, performing at Austin's Seismic Lite Spring Festival.

Clark Terrell

Day 1 also had a spotlight shining brightly on female talent, with Brina Knauss and local sensation Jenna Shaw captivating audiences with their magnetic performances. The Mainstage came alive with the soul-stirring sounds of Chris Avantgarde, whose evocative set served as a poignant reminder to embrace the present moment free from the constraints of digital distractions.

The crescendo of the evening arrived with the legendary Armin van Buuren taking center stage with a massive smile on his face, enthralling the crowd with a three-hour spectacle.

Armin van Buuren performing at Austin's Seismic Lite Spring Festival.

Bryan Gonzalez

As attendees arrived for Day 2, the anticipation was unambiguous. The day began with Class of 2022 star Qrion commanding the Mainstage with her hypnotic house beats and infectious energy before joining forces with Cristoph for a stunning b2b set on The Patio.

Cristoph and Qrion performing at Austin's Seismic Lite Spring Festival.

Cristoph's masterful techno odyssey on the Mainstage also enraptured, and as the night unfolded and rain threatened to come down but never harder than a sprinkle, we made our way backstage to catch up with Mark Richards, one half of DJ duo Solardo.

Unfortunately, his bandmate James Eliot couldn’t join due to visa issues. Speaking with Richards, we learned where the two first crossed paths at Pirate Radio years ago and the exciting things they purchased with their first check earned from music. 

Solardo performing at Austin's Seismic Lite Spring Festival.

Bryan Gonzalez

From there we happily danced into the night, the peak of which came as the last set of the weekend, MEDUZA B2B James Hype, took the stage.

They opened up with a sublime interpolation of the vocals from Roland Clark's "DJ's Prayer" before taking us on a journey through a riveting mix of their many house hits. After mesmerizing the crowd for two hours, eventually the fabulous beats had to come to an end, which went down with a spin of Hype's prized track "Ferrari."

James Hype and MEDUZA performing at Austin's Seismic Lite Spring Festival.

Bryan Gonzalez

All said an done, Seismic Spring Lite 2024 surpassed all expectations. As the echoes of the weekend's euphoria linger, attendees can anticipate high-quality recap videos and sets to be posted on the Concourse Project's YouTube page.

Promising yet another chapter in the rich tapestry of Austin's vibrant music scene, tickets are already available for RealMusic’s flagship Seismic Dance Event 7.0, scheduled for November 15-17. Whether you're a budding electronic music fan or simply looking for a stellar festival experience, Seismic Spring and Seismic Dance Event are a must-try.



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