“Car Music” Trailblazers Unite for New Spinnin’ Collaboration, an Electronic Thrill Ride: Listen

The collaborative efforts of Danish artists HEDEGAARD, Matt Hawk and CANCUN? converge in "OneHundred," a sonic ride of a collaboration.

Encapsulating their trailblazing "car music" concept, the new release resonates at a tempo of 100 BPM, expertly merging electronic elements with hip-hop influences. Released under HEDEGAARD's eponymous OneHundred imprint in collaboration with the prestigious Spinnin' Records, "OneHundred" takes center stage in the fresh Car Music Vol. 1 compilation.

The explosive "OneHundred" is fast and furious, a whimsical drift through a road paved with gritty beats and bars. The production's menacing undertones and chugging bassline contribute to its unique allure and its three creators couldn’t have combined their respective talents any better.

Take a listen to "OneHundred" and check out the full Car Music Vol. 1 compilation below.

Boasting over 1.4 billion collective streams, Danish star HEDEGAARD's chart-topping singles have established him as a prominent figure within the global dance music arena. DJ and art director Matt Hawk brings a minimalist and genre-blending approach to "car music" while American producer CANCUN?, originally from the Bronx and currently based in Denmark, boasts a distinctive ability to intertwine genres and has landed in a number of international EDM charts.

HEDEGAARD has seven Top 20 hits on the Chinese QQ Music EDM Chart in a row, two of which topped it ("All Designer" and "Beijing Baby") and "OneHundred" recently joining as well. He is now set to perform at Creamfields in Hong Kong on April 14th as part of his upcoming Asia tour.


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