Daft Punk deliver TRON ‘complete edition’ with 9 extra tracks

When analysing the impact of producers in the modern scene, the name ‘Daft Punk’ instantly rises to the top of any discussion, such is the legacy the French duo have left on electronic music as a whole. Pioneers of their own Parisian electro-house sound, the robotic duo are famed for iconic hits like ‘Around The World‘ and ‘One More Time’, and Swedish House Mafia even revealed that it was through a mutual love of Daft Punk that Monsieurs Angello and Ingrosso first became friends and hence, started producing together. In recent years, the pair have been relatively quiet, despite achieving mammoth success with ‘Random Access Memories’ in 2013, which spawned Pharrell collaboration ‘Get Lucky‘. But now, the duo have delivered new music to us at long last via the release of 9 extra tracks from thier ‘TRON’ collection. Released at the start of the last decade, ‘TRON’ was a Disney film based on the 1982 original, and featured slick LED designs in a virtual world. Hence, it only seemed fitting at the time to ask Daft Punk to produce the movie’s soundtrack. As expected, they smashed it, with many of the tracks even reworked later on into a remix package, with artists like Avicii spinning his hand on Derezzed’.

Back in July in an interview with ColliderTRON: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski hinted at unreleased music from the movie, adding: “I can neither confirm nor deny that there may be some incredible music that we weren’t able to fit in the movie. Someday it would be nice to figure out some way to share that. Disney needs some other revenue streams right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if we try to do that at some point. That’d be great.”

It seems as if Kosinksi was teasing us because the additional Daft Punk tracks are now available below:

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