Former Dirtyphonics Member Launches Solo Career With Experimental Modular Single

Spag Ruckus is aiming to keep things unstructured and experimental as he approaches his debut album.

Spag Ruckus teeters on a razor's edge between a fight-or-flight response in his latest single, "Autopanic."

Ruckus is the new alias of Thomas Desbouvrie, one half of the acclaimed French electronic duo Dirtyphonics. It was nearly a decade ago when Desbouvrie had resigned from the band to pursue his passions in the visual art space, but something brought him back to exploring modular synths in the studio, and thus a new chapter was born.

Ruckus' "Autopanic" marks the second single from a new album. The track incorporates lyrics immersed in the moment of an anxious response where decision-making becomes primal and binary. The track features Regal Standard and strikes a particularly ominous and chaotic tone with plotting drums and frenzied, distortion-heavy modular basslines.

Ruckus says returning to the world of modular synth work, which he was first introduced to as a member of Dirtyphonics, felt like a natural fit. "It’s like a new birth for me," he said in a statement. "I feel like I finally found my instrument."

In the spirit of "Autopanic" and beyond, Ruckus says he intends to keep the experimental ideas flowing.

"My aim with Spag Ruckus is to experiment without a format, to feel free to do what I like," he added. "I want to explore unexpected structures, weird ideas, bizarre melodies and ambiances, have fun and surprise myself."

It's all leading up to the debut of his forthcoming album Ghosts of Perversion, which does not yet have an official release date at the time of writing.

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