Frank Walker Awakens With Anthem-Laden Debut Album, “ORIGIN”

Frank Walker's debut album ORIGIN emerges like a sunrise over a familiar horizon, casting new light on nostalgic dance music melodies and transforming them with fresh, contemporary brilliance. 

A landmark moment in Walker’s career, the release of ORIGIN is another key stepping stone in his journey from a Toronto nightlife staple to an emerging global mainstage phenomenon.

A cornerstone of the album is "Missing You" with country superstar Nate Smith, a poignant crossover track that marries country soul with dance rhythms. The previously released "I Go Dancing" marks another standout, a carefree anthem with Ella Henderson which earned Walker an EDMA for Dance/Electro Pop Song of the Year. The track's laid-back vibe and Henderson’s captivating vocals make it an ideal summer hit, perfectly aligning with the ethos of Kygo's Palm Tree Records, Walker’s longtime label.

Meanwhile, the theme of youthful exuberance continues with tracks like "Youngblood" featuring Josh Breaks. Complete with stadium chants and soaring melodies, the song is a rallying cry for both the young and young-at-heart, encapsulating the album's overarching theme of nostalgic songwriting paired with forward-thinking soundscapes.

Overall, ORIGIN is an album that bears the flag for euphoric dance music while pushing the boundaries with its genre-blending, harkening back to the dawn of dance and country collaborations in the early 2010s. Walker’s debut album invites us on a journey through his sonic roots, celebrating the music he loves and the era that shaped him, a journey that simultaneously feels like a homecoming—and a new beginning.

Listen to ORIGIN below and find the new album on streaming platforms here.