Gareth Emery Opens the Floodgates of LSR/CITY V3, a Colorful Utopia from the Future

Gareth Emery invites you to his electronic Eden, LSR/CITY V3.

The trance wizard kicked off his magical tour with a laser spectacle that puts Gandalf’s fireworks to shame. The opening ceremony for Emery’s 16-date North American voyage took place on February 10th in front of a sold-out crowd at Vancouver’s Pacific Coliseum.

LSR/CITY V3 captures the essence of its name, transporting you to a colorful, futuristic utopia. What stands out most about Emery’s production is how deliberately it is programmed—every laser and light was meticulously designed with the music in mind. Nothing felt out of place and everything worked in harmony. The experience was further fleshed out by scripted videos sprinkled throughout his set.

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Emery struck a wonderful balance with his song selections. He transitioned seamlessly between songs, creating a holistic experience that sucked you into LSR/CITY’s uplifting atmosphere.

This trance through-line was occasionally punctuated by beloved anthems like “You’ll Be OK” and “house in the streetlight,” elevated by Annabel’s mesmerizing live vocals. When the moment called for a detour, Emery stunned with an exhilarating remix of Guns N’ Roses' “Paradise City” and Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.”

Annabel and Gareth Emery performing at LSR/CITY V3 in Vancouver, Canada.

Tyrell Castro

LSR/CITY 3 was a cathartic experience, a flawless production aside from some overcrowdedness in the audience.

Emery once claimed a 30-second section of his V2 tour took one week of work to put together. That attention to detail is fully realized in LSR/CITY V3, a rare touring act that has something for everyone. Electronic dance music is theatre and there may not be a show that better embodies it than LSR/CITY V3.

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