Listen to Hamdi’s Captivating Deadbeats EP, “Counting”

Hamdi's rapid ascent has established him as an undeniable leader in the 140 renaissance, toppling the competition release after release. His hotly anticipated Counting EP has now arrived via Deadbeats, and it contains some of his most refined work yet.

Counting contains five distinctly Hamdi tracks, including the singles "Counting" (with Princess Superstar) and "Criminal" (with Zeds Dead and Warrior Queen). The three new tunes not only expand on his versatile discography, but also showcase just how adept he is as a producer.

The first new song to appear is "Arms Up," a stunning, mind-rattling track with an ominous intro that sinks its hooks deep into listeners. Elsewhere, "Dubplate" takes a different approach as frenetic breakbeats and Archie's soothing vocals take control before the EP's final sound-off, "One Strobe," a masterful record morphing Hamdi's signature sound into a drum & bass heater.

Counting further solidifies Hamdi as a tastemaker, encapsulating his continued brilliance in a cohesive package. Somehow it's only the beginning for the surging producer, who has a long-awaited collaboration with Skrillex on the horizon.

You can listen to Counting below and stream the EP here.



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