Mashd N Kutcher Donate New Song’s Streaming Royalties to Fund Cancer Research

After revealing his cancer diagnosis, Mashd N Kutcher's Matt James is spinning his struggle.

James in August announced he was battling multiple myeloma, a blood cancer found in bone marrow that attacks plasma cells, per the American Cancer Society. Despite undergoing "intense" chemotherapy in the time since, the DJ and producer managed to produce "It's Alright," an uplifting house track out now.

"I have found strength in writing and producing music that I really care about. This song is about fun, positive vibes, no matter what circumstances," James said in a press release. "It also means that 'It's Alright' to talk about things or carry a positive outlook when times are tough."

James also said he's donating all of the song's streaming royalties to Myeloma Australia, a nonprofit supporting patients suffering from the cancer and their families.

"It will directly contribute to Awareness, Research, Support and Funding for this blood cancer, in the hope to make a greater impact," James continued. "People need to know more about myeloma and with enough funding, it helps get closer to a cure. Music lasts forever and with this in place, the song will always be generating money for cancer research, in turn helping others for many, many years to come."

"We need real action and real investment to bring a cure to life," added Mark Henderson, CEO of Myeloma Australia. "There are 22,000 Australians, like Matt, needing us to get this right. Matt is an inspiration to our community, and we are humbled by his generosity."

Take a listen to "It's Alright" below and find the new track on streaming platforms here.


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