“Party of the Century”: Watch Chris Hemsworth’s Epic Intro to Chris Lake and FISHER’s Hollywood Boulevard Concert

Thor dropped the hammer on Hollywood Boulevard, where Chris Lake and FISHER made history over the weekend after shutting down Tinseltown.

The house music superstars recruited Chris Hemsworth, who plays the god of thunder in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to record a custom introduction for their historic concert on October 21st. The rare edition of their "Under Construction" series was the first of its kind, bringing bespoke, festival-grade production to the heart of Hollywood.

Hemsworth, one of the world's highest-paid actors, understood the assignment. His narration offered a Mjölnir-sized dose of awesomeness as the duo took the stage, laying the groundwork for a mind-blowing night that fans won't soon forget. He even hit FISHER with a playful jab at the chrome-domed DJ's head, which he called "as bald as a full moon in the sky."

"They looked at each other with stars in their eyes and said, 'Build it,' and they shall come," Hemsworth said. "Well, it turns out dreams do come true because these dickheads pulled it off."

What happened next was a big moment for the electronic dance music community. After a cathartic spin of FISHER's "Just Feels Tight," he and Lake threw down for three hours and planted their flag in the legendary street. Check out footage of Hemsworth's epic introduction below.

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