Skrillex Drops Title Track of Second Album of 2023, “Don’t Get Too Close”

The gold rush of new Skrillex music continues as he's seemingly wasting no time in revealing cuts from his second album of 2023.

The dust hasn't even begun to settle on the news of Skrillex's first album since 2014, but the cycle for album number two of 2023 is already underway.

The hits just keep coming as Skrillex's latest single confirms the title of his forthcoming second album of 2023, Don't Get Too Close. The news is coming in hot as he has only just confirmed the release date of his upcoming Quest For Fire album late last week.

At this point in time, it's difficult to judge how exactly the legendary producer is separating these two projects in his head from a stylistic point of view, but titular track from Don't Get Too Close reveals a seemingly more vulnerable and melancholic side in comparison to Quest For Fire.

The cover of Skrillex's sophomore album, "Quest For Fire."


"Don't Get Too Close" was co-produced with Lido and features vocals from Bibi Bourelly. The track's production incorporates languid soundscapes and the serenading sounds of laid-back steel drums, marking a distinct tonal shift from the invigorating, jungle-inspired beats that characterize much of Quest For Fire. The track masterfully delivers a heartfelt harmony between Skrillex and Bourelly, leading to a goosebumps-inducing finish.

While we await a release date for Don't Get Too Close, there's sure to be plenty of new Skrillex music to digest in the meantime, considering Quest For Fire is slated to arrive this Friday, February 17th.


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