VIRPP is changing the game for record labels looking for new talent

VIRPP is the latest online platform that is determined to bridge the gap between big record labels and up-and-coming producers. If you’re a budding producer hoping for your big break, then read on. The website’s main goal is to allow producers to upload demos to their website, for labels to look through in a quick and organised manner and to then contact the artist if they are interested in signing the track to the label for official release. VIRPP offer the label professionals the opportunity to use the label dashboard to immediately check which tracks are popular and which tracks and artists are ranked highly, and it is revolutionising the music world.

Many of our favourite labels have signed up for partnerships, and they include Axtone, Protocol Recordings, Heartfeldt and Dim Mak among others. Wanting to find out more about the platform and why they signed up to be a part of it, we spoke to Edd Thomas who manages A&R for Axtone.

As a record label, what is it that Axtone looks for in potential new signings?

We have to feel something when we listen to a record. There are a lot of questions we ask ourselves at Axtone: Can Ax play it live? Do we think people will reach for their phones to try and ID it at a festival or gig? Does the sentiment in the vocal speak to us? Are the chords emotive and memorable? It’s hard to identify an exact formula but it makes sense to us.

How do you think VIRPP will change the way record labels look for new artists and tracks?

VIRPP has streamlined the whole process. Today technology lets producers create and deliver new music faster than ever, A&R tools need to reflect that and VIRPP does this. The competitions and raffles help us give aspiring producers real opportunities to release with the label too, which is really rewarding for us.

Why did Axtone decide to partner with VIRPP?

We were introduced to the CEO, Yassine at VIRPP initially, the technology and his enthusiasm caught our attention so we booked in a demonstration at Axtone HQ in London. Once he showed us how it all worked we wanted to try it out.

How important do you think it is to support the new generation of young and upcoming producers? How do you think VIRPP will help with that?

It’s something we’ve always strived to do and take great pride in. VIRPP lets us do more of it and more frequently too.

Receiving thousands of demos a week can make it hard to sift through and find potential tracks for signing, how do you think the platform will change and help to make it easier?

VIRPP asks users who are submitting demos to pick where we start listening from so we hear the best bit of the track straight away, this helps ensure we don’t miss the best bit, I love that.

What would you say to a young producer who’s looking to release on Axtone? Is there a certain formula to follow?

Nope, there’s never a formula. I think you can look at recent releases and you can perhaps gauge a sound or genre we go for though. I would say that if you feel a record is amazing and people around you do too, chances are there are others out there who share that feeling.

How can a young producer who will use the VIRPP platform stand out to Axtone? How can they catch your attention?

Once the track is in VIRPP it’s all about the music. Make sure you’ve picked a good time in your track for us to start listening from, and then you’re on a level playing field with everyone else! You only need to make sure your track stands out musically!

How can you see VIRPP developing over the years?

We’re regularly speaking to the team at VIRPP on how they can improve on the service, we know they’re doing this with other labels too, we can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Axtone is also hosting a competition on the platform where the winner will have a track on the label. What are you looking for from your winner? What kind of sounds and vibes?

We’re looking for something that stands out musically and that will catch myself and Ax’s attention. Ideally something soulful, housey and energetic that will turn heads. Thanks and big up the We Rave You crew, hope we’re partying together soon!

Speaking of the competitions that Edd Thomas mentioned above, the platform also hosts regular raffled and competitions with labels. Some of the most recent ones include chances to win a full course on, a private video-call studio session with SWACQ, and more contests with Axtone, Dim Mak and more are coming very soon. If you’re interested in this platform and getting your track potentially signed by Axtone, then check out the website here.

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