Watch Seven Lions’ DJ Set From the Frosty Lands of Lake Kachess, Washington

Bundled up to endure the frigid environment, Seven Lions delivered an all-original set for the Amazon Music-powered performance.

You're going to want to grab a jacket for this one.

In honor of the release of the deluxe edition of his newest album, Beyond the Veil (Deluxe), Seven Lions has shared a DJ set from a gorgeous winter locale.

Released back in October, Lions' debut album displayed a dozen atmospheric melodic bass records that narrated his trip to the top of the genre. Now, he's returned with two new singles for the deluxe re-release: "Brightest Light" (with Dotter) and "Alive" (with Opposite the Other).

Also included in the album is a full performance video from the frozen waters of Lake Kachess, Washington. Bundled up to endure the cold environment, Lions set up his equipment in the snow and played an all-original set for Amazon Music.

With 15 tracks spanning the gamut of his entire career, the new audiovisual mix lets fans take in some picturesque winter sights soundtracked to the adventurous sounds of the melodic bass mainstay.

"Beyond The Veil was an incredibly special and personal project to me," he writes. "When I was working on the album, I knew I wanted to find a way to share the project in a unique way—where I felt inspired and in a place that feels like home. It was clear there was no better place for this than in the beautiful snowy mountains of Washington."

Check out Seven Lions' DJ set from the frosty lake, powered by Amazon Music, below.




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