We Asked ChatGPT to Write Ridiculous Poems About EDM Twitter—And They’re Amazing

If you've ever wondered what a poem about EDM Twitter written by J. K. Rowling might sound like, grab you're metaphorical broomstick and glide on in here.

EDM Twitter, why art thou so crazy?

In 2023, netizens flock to Elon Musk's polemical bird app with many different motives. But let's be honest: the main reason is to get their daily bloodlust fix.

The platform's electronic dance music network is one of its biggest purveyors of despair. EDM Twitter can sometimes be a place of wonder, but more often than not it functions as a hellhole where integrity evaporates faster than a desert puddle.

EDM Twitter is an endless tragicomedy, a digital pressure cooker where you can find your best friends and your worst enemies with a single click. And for reasons we can't fully explain, ChatGPT understands this curious contrast.

We engaged in conversation with the controversial AI-powered chatbot and asked it to write some sweet, sweet poetry about EDM Twitter.

OpenAI's ChatGPT.

Rolf van Root

Alright, alright, alright. We started with an easy one and asked ChatGPT to write a couplet about EDM Twitter as Matthew McConaughey.

Alright, alright, alright, let me tell you 'bout EDM Twitter,
Where beats drop hard and the vibes couldn't be sweeter.

Asking the AI to channel J. K. Rowling and write a poem about EDM Twitter, however, led to a more grim—and accurate—result. Snape would be proud.

In the world of EDM Twitter,
Where the bass drops low and the beats get sicker,
There lives a community like no other,
With memes and jokes and dance moves to discover.

Their tweets are like spells,
Cast with the power of sound and rhythm as well,
Their magic moves bodies on dance floors,
Making even the most awkward dance like never before.

But beware, dear reader, of the trolls and haters,
Who try to bring down the vibe with their negative nature,
For in the land of EDM Twitter,
Only positivity and good vibes make the beats sweeter.

So grab your headphones and turn up the sound,
Join the EDM Twitter community and let your feet pound,
For in this world of music and fun,
There's always a party waiting to be spun.

Then we asked the AI to write a pump-up speech in the style of Ted Lasso, because EDM Twitter could use some of his optimism and compassion.

Alright, listen up y'all, it's time to talk
About something that'll make you wanna walk
Straight to your computer and hit the keys
I'm talking 'bout EDM Twitter, if you please!

Now, this here's a place where fans unite,
Where DJs and music shine so bright,
Where love for beats and bass can't be denied,
And no matter what, we're always on the same side.

So if you're feeling down and in the dumps,
Just head on over and hear the thumps,
Of tracks that lift you up and make you move,
And fans that support and always approve.

And if you see some negativity,
Don't worry, we'll handle it with positivity,
For in EDM Twitter, we're a family,
Bound by the music, always happily.

So let's get to tweeting and sharing our love,
For the music that's sent down from above,
In EDM Twitter, we'll dance and we'll sing,
And let our love for beats take wing!

To be, or not to be kind: that is the question we asked ChatGPT to consider when writing a poem about EDM Twitter in the style of Shakespeare.

Oh, EDM Twitter, thou art a lively place,
Where music lovers gather with great grace,
To share their thoughts on beats and bass,
And dance along with joy and grace.

In cyber halls, where avatars do meet,
They tweet and retweet with rhythmic beat,
Of festivals and DJs that they adore,
And tracks that leave them wanting more.

They speak in lingo, strange and new,
Of drops and vibes, and sets that blew,
Of trance, house, and techno too,
And of the artists who make them move.

But sometimes, tempers flare and anger boils,
And words are thrown like burning coils,
In battles waged with tweets and memes,
Forgetting that they are all one team.

Oh, EDM Twitter, thou art a place of wonder,
Where fans and artists do each other ponder,
And though there may be strife and thunder,
The music brings them back, like spellbound plunder.

Last but not least, you can always count on Eleven from Stranger Things for some cerebral inspiration. So we asked ChatGPT to write a limerick about EDM Twitter in the style of the telekinetic, soft-spoken heroine.

In EDM Twitter, fans dance and sway,
Their love for beats, they all display,
From the Upside Down,
To the cyber town,
The music never fades away.

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