Whales Showcases Dualing Creative Loyalties in Sophomore Album, “Two Worlds Apart”

Whales has unleashed a riptide of sounds on his sophomore album, Two Worlds Apart. 

Just like the unpredictability of a sudden current, the duality of Whales' two creative hemispheres is on full display in his latest offering. On the new 17-track album, the Israeli producer increasingly keeps listeners on their toes. 

The push and pull of Whales' melodic and bass-oriented leanings goes back to a rebrand he initiated roughly a year ago, wherein he introduced "Aqua" and "Soul," characters representing two dueling creative instincts. However, the depth of Two Worlds Apart goes well beyond those binary tones. 

Opening with the headbanger's delight "One More Time" before transitioning into "Don't Want You To Go" and "Right On Time," Whales hits a trifecta of genres in dubstep, drum & bass and electro right off the bat. The roulette doesn't stop there either, with Whales going on to flex his songwriting sensibilities later in the album. Two such highlights include the melancholic "Beyond" (with Fytch) and the midtempo-influenced "Swipe My Heart" alongside Lusil.

Two Worlds Apart represents an appropriate capstone project to the soul-searching journey Whales has undergone over the last year, and with a new fall tour in the works, it marks the ideal time for listeners to either become familiar or re-introduced to the multi-genre producer's work. Take a listen below.


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