A Daughter’s Reconciliation: Yulia Niko’s New Album Mends a Broken Soul Through House Music

Yulia Niko's debut album is a profound reminder that even in the darkest times, the soul can find its twin flame within.

The Berlin-based DJ and producer today unveiled the new album, Twinsoul, on Armin van Buuren's venerated Armada label. Grappling with the loss of her late father, each of its aching songs represents a scintilla of Niko's soul, she says, ultimately intertwining to form a latticework of auditory stories in his memory.

Imagine a kaleidoscope shattered by loss, its pieces refracting fragmented memories of enduring love. Twinsoul is the process of meticulously reassembling them with the glue of vulnerable songwriting and visceral house music, inviting listeners to evolve in lockstep—just like family members.

Yulia Niko.

c/o Armada Music

Niko's roots in electronic music run deep. After a car accident hospitalized her for two months in critical condition at the age of 15, she discovered a love of crate-digging and found solace in old Ibiza discs, Ministry of Sound CDs and classic house records. Astoundingly, just one year later, she played her first gig.

But it was the tragic death of her father that lit the fuse of true self-discovery. Tethering itself to her experiences in its wake, Twinsoul is a vessel for Niko to chart a course for emotional closure. With airy synths that echo unspoken conversations and bass that throbs like a constant reminder of a presence now absent, the album is a dancefloor therapy session.

We caught up with Niko to discuss the captivating emotional arc of Twinsoul and the poignant stories woven within its music. Take a listen to the new album below and read on to discover more about its origins.