A LEGO Artist Has Recreated Lofi Girl’s Apartment Inside an Interactive Snow Globe

If the so-called "internet apocalypse" wipes out all the world's digital art, we'll always have LEGO.

From Daft Punk's helmets to a full-blown rave, we've seen some unbelievable LEGO creations in the world of electronic music. But this Christmas-themed recreation of Lofi Girl's apartment may just be the best yet.

For those unfamiliar, Lofi Girl is both the title of a YouTube account and the name colloquially given to its main character, a young woman who studies by her window while listening to the channel's chill beats. The animated girl has grown into somewhat of an icon for fans of lo-fi music and the popular channel, which streams live 24/7 for a cult following.

Now, LEGO creator BrickAbe has constructed a whimsical diorama design that recreates Lofi Girl's apartment inside a snow globe. The Idaho-based bricksmith left no stone unturned, intricately building the girl's desk, bed, guitar, Poinsettia flowers and beloved ginger cat.

In a playful feat of engineering, he even created an interactive Christmas tree and toy train that you can rotate with an external crank.

BrickAbe's Lofi Girl snowglobe features a rotating Christmas tree and toy train, which users can rotate with an external crank.

BrickAbe/LEGO Ideas

BrickAbe crafted the elaborate snow globe for a Lofi Girl-inspired LEGO challenge encouraging fans to build scenes where they like to relax and unwind.

"My greatest escape with Lo-Fi Hip Hop comes around the holidays," BrickAbe writes. "I feel very relaxed sitting next to a glowing fireplace, under a warm blanket, with Lo-Fi music playing in the background. The idea for the snow globe came from a drawing I made a while back for #lofigirlchristmas. You can see this drawing displayed right above the fireplace. I created a charming loft apartment inside, decorated with holiday joy and Lofi Girl references."

You can see more of the snow globe and vote for BrickAbe's submission via LEGO Ideas.

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