ADE Announces 2022 Dates, Return of Pro Conference

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) has announced it'll be returning in 2022. The event, scheduled for October 19th to 23rd, will also be bringing back its daytime business conference.

2021's ADE exceeded expectations and is considered one of the most significant iterations in the organization's history. It celebrated 25 years in the wake of the #UnmuteUs protests, which attracted tens of thousands in the streets of Amsterdam to speak out against the Dutch government's clamp on the region's music festivals. 

"Given the role that ADE fulfilled this year, it was perhaps the most important edition in its history," according to Dutch newspaper Volkskrant.

Chelsea Cutler

Chelsea Cutler performing at ADE

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ADE Announces 2022 Dates, Return of Pro Conference

The ADE Pro conference was cancelled in 2021 due to stringent guidelines from the Dutch government.

Organizers did cancel the conference back in September, but they were able to meet up using ADE's Business Hangout and participate in the brand's monthly talk show, "ADE in Conversation." This featured DJ Pierre and Colin Benders as well as executives from Universal Music Group and Roblox to discuss innovation in dance music and the metaverse

"The decision to postpone ADE Pro, for many music professionals the most important business moment in the year, was especially difficult in the time that the industry needs it the most," said ADE's directors in a joint statement at the time. "On top of that, we need all of our available resources to coordinate the ADE Festival events as efficiently, and to the best of our ability, within the few weeks we have left."

ADE In Conversation

ADE in Conversation

ADE is a world-renowned summit for professionals within the dance music scene. Over a five-day span, attendees have the opportunity to attend a bevy of events and panels that span the gamut of live music performances, DJ sets, and dedicated conference programming. All of these events are spread across the city of Amsterdam. 

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