10 Electronic Music Acts You Must See at Coachella 2024

In the realm of music festivals, Coachella has always offered not only the greats of the electronic music scene, but also the next generation of contemporary superstars. Last year it was Calvin Harris, Kaytranada, Eric Prydz and—who could forget—the headlining trio of Skrillex, Fred again.. and Four Tet.

Now in 2024, the desert oasis is once again set to pulse with genre-defying performances from iconic groups and groundbreaking solo artists alike. The 2024 Coachella lineup is a testament to the festival's commitment to pushing musical boundaries.

We've combed through the festival's lineup to unearth 10 electronic acts you can't miss this year.

Barry Can't Swim

For Joshua Mannie, better known as Barry Can't Swim, Coachella is a career-defining performance. The London-based producer, a rising superstar in the global dance music community, shines as a vibrant and free-spirited onstage presence, skillfully fusing elements from the dynamic British club scene with a radiant, jazz-infused essence.

Barry Can't Swim.

Ninja Tune


Justice are poised for a return to the desert after an absence of nearly 12 years. The iconic French duo's performance follows the confirmation of their upcoming album, Hyperdrama, which is scheduled for release in the spring of 2024. With the promise of new material and swirling rumors of a collaboration with The Weekend, their return is nothing short of momentous.


André Chémétoff

Peggy Gou

One of the songs that defined dance music in 2023 was Peggy Gou's chart-topper, "(It Goes Like) Nanana." The prolific, Incheon-born DJ is known for her distinctive "K-House" style, and her infectious house and disco beats have positioned her as a trailblazer in the global music scene. As Gou gears up to grace the Coachella stage in 2024, anticipation is high for a performance that not only showcases her chart-topping hits but also introduces the crowd to the next chapter of her innovative sound.

Peggy Gou.

c/o Press

Ben Sterling

Co-signed by Jamie Jones, The Martinez Brothers, Calvin Harris, and other notable figures, Ben Sterling is rapidly establishing himself as a prominent figure in the world of global house music. Hailing from the UK, this beatsmith is gaining significant traction for his signature combination of Acid House and Raw Electric Groove. Anticipate a show-stopping performance as he pulls out all the stops for his debut at Coachella.

Ben Sterling.

c/o Press

Everything Always (John Summit & Dom Dolla)

Dom Dolla and John Summit are lighting up the stage three times over the course of three days at Coachella 2024. But whether they're performing together as Everything Always or delivering individual DJ sets, each appearance promises a can't-miss showcase of their unique styles. The harmonious house blend of Summit's high-energy, tech-infused beats with Dolla's contagious melodies guarantees a set that will linger in your memory.

Everything Always

ISOKNOCK (ISOxo & Knock2)

After four sold-out shows at the Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles, ISOxo and Knock2 are continuing the momentum with a collaborative performance in the desert. As Knock2 prepares to release his debut album and ISOxo sets off on his kidsgonemad! album tour, fans can expect a blistering combination of house, trap and bass music that's sure to get you jumping.

ISOxo and Knock2.

Brownies & Lemonade

Anti Up (Chris Lake & Chris Lorenzo)

More than a year since their last collaboration, Chris Lake and Chris Lorenzo are set to reunite in the desert as the formidable duo Anti Up. With a collaborative album confirmed, Coachella attendees might just be the first to experience these highly anticipated IDs. 

Chris Lake and Chris Lorenzo of Anti Up.

c/o Press


Turkish DJ and producer Carlita has been a trailblazer in house music. Armed with training in drums, cello, bass and electric guitar, she artfully navigates the intersection of classical and electronic music.

Carlita's unique approach extends to her performances, wherein she seamlessly integrates both live and electronic instruments to curate a dynamic experience. In 2023, she garnered global praise for her many stellar performances, including appearances at Burning Man alongside Diplo and a captivating set at Coachella with DJ Tennis. These milestones underscore her rising prominence in the electronic music scene, and her return Coachella will fan the flames even more.


c/o Press

Flight Facilities

Exactly 10 years after they made their Coachella debut, Hugo Gruzman and James Lyell of Flight Facilities are back. Renowned for their ability to craft atmospheric and emotive dance music, their set is not one to miss.

Flight Facilities.

Flight Facilities/Instagram

Kenya Grace

With her emotive liquid drum & bass, EDM.com Class of 2024 star Kenya Grace is at the vanguard of a new generation of electronic music producers. The surging songstress, whose track "Strangers" became the first #1 in Billboard chart history to be written, produced and sung solely by a woman, is currently working on her debut EP, expected to release later in 2024.

Kenya Grace.

Kenya Grace/Instagram


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