Adriatique remix Swedish House Mafia track ‘Moth To A Flame’ in unique style: Listen

Like the previous remixes of ‘Moth To A Flame‘ originally by Swedish House Mafia and The Weeknd being house/techno focused, Adriatique also follow up with their stunning version.

Unlike the previous remixes from MoojoChris Lake and Tourist of ‘Moth To A Flame‘, Adriatique did not change the main melody, instead working hard on their version by focusing on and tweaking the other elements throughout the production, such as adding drums and bells to switch the sound of the original up yet keeping true to their own style. The result? A 6 minute-long extended version that fans can truly lose themselves in.

The track starts with a bell that is very similar to the one utilised in the Swede’s other ‘Paradise Again‘ album track ‘It Gets Better‘. The remix starts slow, allowing listeners to get accustomed to the track’s soundscape, taking listeners on a sonic journey and adding elements as it goes further down the 6 minute runtime. A very nice addition is at 3:40, where Adriatique gave a little twist to the main melody. After that, a “new” drop comes, slowly changing into the main melody again. The track ends with the sound element fading, with the bell and drums being alone at the end.

‘Moth To A Flame’ itself is a huge hit, and now with the remixes, it can be used in the club on almost every occasion. You can listen to the new Adriatique remix below.

Image Credit: Michael Drummond / Provided by LiveNation

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