“Almost Weightless”: CloudNone on the Emotional Road to His Debut Album

We caught up with the anonymous producer to discuss his new single and the "desperate emotions" behind his upcoming debut album.

Release after release, CloudNone is letting us in on his mesmerizing auditory universe filled with unique and emotional stories.

Through a series of consistent releases on Monstercat as well as official remixes for the likes of ILLENIUM, Said The Sky, Gareth Emery and more, the surging electronic music producer is firmly entrenched as an artist to watch. And now so more than ever, considering his debut album looms.

CloudNone has returned with "Free Again," joining forces with venerated singer-songwriter Taylr Renee. One of the enigmatic artist's most emotive and impactful records to date, "Free Again" takes us on a reflective journey and highlights his ability to tell pensive stories through his music.

Out now via MrSuicideSheep’s Seeking Blue Records, the track starts off with soothing piano melodies and haunting production. "Free Again" provides the perfect space for Renee’s typically touching vocals to shine as the arrangement subtly leads us towards a soaring drop.

EDM.com caught up with CloudNone for an interview to discuss the meaning behind the new track, his creative process working with Renee and his plans from here on out.

EDM.com: The message here is pretty powerful. What do you hope fans take away from this track after listening?

CloudNone: I want my fans to take a sense of power away after listening to the song. I think it’s simultaneously a message of desperation mixed with the desire to break free from any constraints holding them back.

EDM.com: After hearing Taylr Renee's topline, how did you go about transforming the original demo to fit your new inspiration?

CloudNone: When I first got the topline, I immediately gravitated towards its power, and initially made a pretty uplifting track. It was only after I really sat with the lyrics and felt their depth that I realized I needed to take the song in a different and more emotionally fitting direction.

EDM.com: Walk us through the creative process working with Taylr, who is renowned in the world of dance music.

CloudNone: Working with Taylr is amazing. We’re both very much on the same creative wavelength, and we had a number of deep conversations that really helped lead me to where the song finally arrived at.

We have another song that I’m equally excited about on my upcoming album, and it’s one of those songs that feels like a warm hug, I’m always grounded when I listen to it. Can’t wait for everyone to hear that too.

EDM.com: In what ways does the lyricism underpin or intertwine with the underlying themes of CloudNone?

CloudNone: I feel like the lyrics really resonated with me because of just how deeply desperate they felt. A lot of my music is birthed out of similarly desperate emotions and carries that sort of emotional weight. I love how raw the lyrics are while I think still maintaining a universally resonating feeling to them too.

We all want to feel free, especially when we feel like that freedom is being withheld from us. That's what the album title Almost Weightless is all about and that’s why this song feels like an anthem for the whole album. In reality, we’ll never fully experience that true weightlessness. There always seems to be something holding us back.

EDM.com: What's next for CloudNone?

CloudNone: I’m really very excited to be releasing my debut album, Almost Weightless, with Seeking Blue on May 12th. I’m throwing an album release party in Denver on May 13th and can’t wait for that.

It’s going to be a very special night, especially immediately following such a monumental milestone in my career with the release of my first album.


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