AMÉMÉ’s Haunting New Track Is an Ode to the Lovesick: Listen to “Runaway”

Featuring the spellbinding vocals of Notre Dame, "Runaway" finds the Class of 2023 star at his best.

Finding someone you love is never easy, but neither is walking away.

That's the core theme of "Runaway," the new track from Class of 2023 star AMÉMÉ. The surging Afro-house producer explores a more poignant direction in his stunning song, which explores the struggles of abandoning a promising relationship.

While AMÉMÉ's classic, sultry tribal rhythms are alive and well in the arrangement, its deeply introspective lyricism is a creative deviation that imbues layers of emotional depth. The West African DJ and producer joined forces with French musician Notre Dame, whose spellbinding vocal performance moonlights as an ode to the lovesick.

"One of my core intentions when creating music has always been to produce something that connects with my audience and makes them feel something; whether it's an emotional, euphoric, or nostalgic feeling, I want to impact them on a deeper level," AMÉMÉ said in a statement. "'Runaway,' for me, is an emotional and passionate record; it's a love story, sentimental and dynamic, with timeless vocals. We can all relate to this in one way or another, whether now or from a moment in your past, where there is love, and something is holding you back, but you can't walk away."

Check out "Runaway" below and stream the track here.

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