Apple Patent Hints They’re Developing a Modular Laptop-Turntable Hybrid

Apple's technological innovations are getting sweeter for musicians and creatives alike.

A patent application originally filed by Apple in June 2021 was reportedly approved on Tuesday, August 8th. The filing explores ideas for "Modularized Computing and Input Devices," which ostensibly includes an attachable vinyl turntable. 

Obtained by Gizmodo, the patent features sketches and diagrams illustrating the innovative device, which appears to be capable of connecting multiple screen displays, keyboards, and quite possibly more hardware.

Perhaps the most notable component of the filing, however, is the vinyl turntable, which the application calls an "input device" capable of connecting to the base. What's more interesting are the various use cases for the turntable.

"The computing device can be utilized by a music producer, a disc jockey, an audio engineer, or the like to generate music in one configuration while also being modular to permit the user to remove the input device and removably attach a keyboard or second display to the base to provide traditional laptop functionality," reads the patent application. 

Screenshot from Apple's patent filing for "Modularized Computing and Input Devices."

United States Patent and Trademark Office

Elsewhere in the filing, Apple explains how the devices connected to the unit's base are capable of folding on top of each other, similar to a laptop. Another configuration allows the screen and a shorter keyboard to be attached. 

In addition to Apple's filing, there were 83 other patents published today, according to the USPTO's database. Apple is known for filing huge swaths of patent applications for products that don't always see the light of day. 

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