CamelPhat at Tomorrowland New Year’s Eve: What To Expect

After the long-awaited release of their Dark Matter album, Liverpool-based DJ/producer duo CamelPhat are one of electronic music’s hottest acts. Everyones favourite scouser have pushed their own boundaries this year with a string of impeccable releases, and the upcoming Tomorrowland New Year’s Eve celebrations are set to be the perfect time to hear them all in one place. Here is what to expect from CamelPhat at Tomorrowland this New Year’s Eve.

Melodic anthems. Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala have been at the forefront of the scene for years now, but the birth of their CamelPhat project saw the duo bring a new twist to their prominent sounds. With a melodic progressive approach to some of their album big hitters – ‘Easier‘, ‘Not Over Yet‘, ‘Be Someone‘ – the pair have been at the forefront of the progressive resurgence in the club scene. You can be certain that their Tomorrowland set will be packed with euphoria, melody, and feel-good bangers.

Underground sounds. Whilst they have their fair share of upbeat tunes, CamelPhat also pack a hefty load of darker and more club-ready productions. The likes of ‘Dopamine Machine‘, ‘Accelerator‘, and ‘The Solution‘ are true favourites amongst the CamelPhat faithful, but don’t be surprised to hear plenty of curveballs and support for other artists. The pair have a long-standing record for supporting artists in their mixes, so Tomorrowland will certainly have some of that intertwined between their own tunes.

Commercial favourites. One word – ‘Cola‘. Now, we know that CamelPhat are WAY more than one track, but seeing as a lot of people first found their love for the duo back in 2017 when the Defected banger came to life we had to mention it. Commercial success was way more than the pairing expected, but tracks like ‘Cola‘, ‘Breathe‘, and ‘Panic Room‘ have catapulted the Camels to the top of their game. There’s no doubt that some of their commercial picks will make the cut, so keep an ear out for those.

You can catch CamelPhat bringing in the New Year on the Atmosphere stage from 23:00-00:05 in your time zone. Grab your tickets right here to get a piece of that CamelPhat Tomorrowland action!

Image Credit: CamelPhat Press

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