camoufly Drops Emotive, Garage-Tinged Single, “i’m hurting ! (deja-vu..)”

Combining playful vocal chops and sparkly melodies, camoufly's new single is a prime example of the promising producer's unbridled creativity.

His first release of 2024, "i'm hurting ! (deja-vu..)" is a microcosm of what he regards as his "club conversion"—a shift to dancefloor-ready music, tailor-made for clubs and festivals that serve as "one of the most powerful representations of how music can connect and unite us."

Out independently via his own kawaii bounce imprint, "i'm hurting ! (deja-vu..)" starts with mesmerizing ambiances and subtle percussion before a minimalistic yet heavy-hitting drop. The track's main vocal sample is chopped in numerous ways all throughout the arrangement while the its wriggling bassline and garage-inspired drums add a unique dimension.

"I can be somewhat of a bold person,“ camoufly said in a press release. "I like when something catches my senses right in an instant, just because it looks or sounds very unfamiliar. I’m not a fan of unpopular opinions and such, but I think through art you can be as bold as you want. Try the weirdest sound and color associations. Not stick to any meta. The ways art allows you to think and act outside the box are infinite.”

Take a listen to "i'm hurting ! (deja-vu..)" below.



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