Charlotte de Witte Launches Mindful Techno Odyssey With New EP, “Power Of Thought”

Charlotte de Witte has elevated the pulse of the electronic dance realm by melding mindfulness mantras with hypnotic techno on her latest EP, Power Of Thought.

"For Power Of Thought, I wanted to create an EP that touches deeper emotions and captivating the meditative trance you have when you let go on the dance floor," the Belgian techno superstar said in a press release.

The trio of songs commences with the EP's titular track, which sets the tone with a unique combination of cerebral affirmations fused with woozy, psychedelic synths. The subsequent "Pria" follows a similar stylistic suit by virtue of a chorus of spellbinding incantations and falsettos. It's a track that de Witte says has provided audiences with a brief moment of reflection and recovery following heavy bouts of peak-hour material during her high-flying sets.

The closing "Abada" dives into an ethereal soundscape where occasional drums and mystical, chanting vocals gradually usher us into a serene yet profound reverie before it all ebbs away into silence.

The release of Power Of Thought aligns with the launch of de Witte's KNTXT Turbo Club, a supercharged three-day pop up series taking place at this year's Amsterdam Dance Event from October 19-21. Take a listen to the new EP below.



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