BLOND:ISH’s Bye Bye Plastic Foundation Sets New Eco Standard With Biodegradable Cups

BLOND:ISH is spearheading another material stride towards removing single-use plastics from the music industry. 

Working in partnership with Happy Cups and the Monkey Project event collective, BLOND:ISH and her Bye Bye Plastic Foundation have unveiled a reusable, biodegradable cup made from bacteria, which is debuting at her own "BLOND:ISH & Friends" showcase at this year's Amsterdam Dance Event.

The bioplastic cups are a product of living bacteria derived from used cooking oil, showcasing a circular economic model that harnesses eco-friendly materials to create consumer-friendly solutions. The initiative unambiguously targets two major environmental concerns, the pervasive single-use plastic problem and the fossil-fuel plastic culture, aiming to provide a seamless yet environmentally responsible substitute for both attendees and event organizers​.

BLOND:ISH's reusable, biodegradable cups, which were produced in partnership with Happy Cups and the Monkey Project.


"It wasn’t easy, but the Plastic Free Party is finally here! With Bye Bye Plastic, we always wanted to help take care of nature starting with single use plastic first," BLOND:ISH said in a statement. "Plastic never helped, so we're doing our part, especially this year at ADE. With help from our friends at Monkey Project and Happy Cups, we're saying bye bye to fossil fuels and saying hello to PHA cups."

The initiative aligns well with with BLOND:ISH's prior undertakings in the name of precipitating a plastic-free party atmosphere. Most recently, Bye Bye Plastics formulated a batch of groundbreaking sustainable vinyl prints, also made from biodegradable bacteria. 

This weekend's sold-out "BLOND:ISH & Friends" showcase is slated to feature sets from LP Giobbi, Franky Rizardo and WhoMadeWho on October 20th, 2023.

BLOND:ISH's reusable, biodegradable cups. 




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