Daft Punk iconic Alive 2007 live show gets VR recreation treatment

Shortly after Daft Punk sadly announced their split, shocking the industry, YouTube user Flip Reality took to uploading the entire Alive 2007 show in virtual reality. The user originally made the set for Vinyl Reality, the first professional DJ application and game built for virtual reality. If you want to know more about that, you can check it out here.

Flip Reality recreated the entire show, 1 hour and 22 minutes of pure perfection, in SDK which basically allows users of the game to create custom environments using the Unity Editor in-game. Speaking of how they created it, Flip Reality said this:

“A few years back I recreated this stage while learning the Unity SDK for Vinyl Reality. I decided to then also use the stage to do a full show where I had to DJ Daft Punk’s full set behind the stage as well as control the cameras.”

Pretty impressive to say the least, the user uploaded this show yesterday, February 22, to likely console hardcore Daft Punk fans and to also celebrate a huge legacy that they have left behind.

You can get the game on online platform Steam for £19.99, and you can download the full Alive 2007 VR stage right here to use for yourself. If you don’t have the game though, watch the full set below.

Image Credit: Daft Punk (Alive Tour, 2007)

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