Dennis Rodman recounts wild club night before ’96 NBA Final

NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman, known for his quirky antics and un-human-like basketball skills has released a new memoir entitled ‘Walk On The Wild Side’ where he recounts numerous situations that give a face to his unorthodox personality and basketball playing style.

While he was known for frequenting various nightclubs around Chicago, he remembers one night in particular at Chicago’s famed Crobar nightclub in 1996, the night before the Chicago Bulls were to play game 6 of the NBA Finals against the Seattle Supersonics.  According to the book, Rodman listened to ‘ear-splitting’ techno all night long and also witnessed some bizarre happenings within the club.

“We ended up at Crobar, where they have a bondage rack and men will stand there writhing in pain while voluptuous women pour burning wax onto their nipples, and people in elevated cages dry-hump each other to the beat of ear-splitting techno-house music played by a lesbian deejay named ‘Psychobitch'”, says Rodman.

In addition to the seemingly hazy wild night, Rodman went on to state,

“We went to breakfast at Third Coast, a great place in the Gold Coast district, and when I walked out the door it was light out, I knew I was ready for Game 6. Sure enough, we went out and got solid and won.”

You can purchase Dennis Rodman‘s book ‘Walk On The Wild Side’ via amazon here.

Image credit: Ron Galella/Getty Images


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