Generative MIDI Tools and AI-Powered Samples Highlight New Features in Ableton Live 12

For the music producers unafraid of the dreaded Ableton update, the next era of the world's leading DAW is here.

The company has announced the upcoming release of Live 12, which will provide a suite of new tools allowing music producers to harness the DAW's functionality like never before. That includes cutting-edge tools allowing them to play it like an instrument more effectively than past versions.

For starters, you can get very creative with sound design in Live 12, which Ableton says was designed for you to "surprise yourself with the sounds you create."

Its new MPE-capable synthesizer, Meld, comes with twin oscillators and an extensive modulation matrix for you to sculpt textures. Elsewhere, a new saturation effect called Roar lets you add color, warmth and distortion to your sounds, and it has a built-in compressor.

One of Live 12's more compelling features is the "Sound Similarity Search," which employs a machine learning-powered neural network to enable producers to pick any sample and identify similar sounds within their DAW.


Another fascinating new update is Live 12's generative MIDI tools, which were designed to help ignite creativity. Based on your parameters, the software can generate random MIDI clips and if you've already created one you like, you can use the "transform" tab to generate infinite variations of the sequence therein.

The best part? Live 12's new "scale aware" feature protects against rogue changes to the generated MIDI's key and scale in the scope of the project at hand.

Live 12 also comes with revamped library organization capabilities for the producers who crave an even more granular experience. You can now tag MIDI clips, plugins and more, and categorize them by their key and groove, among other barometers.

Live 12 will be released in early 2024. You can learn more about about the DAW and its various new features on Ableton's website.


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