Hardwell releases fourth track ‘Black Magic’ of his upcoming album: Listen

After a 4 year hiatus and an explosive comeback set at Ultra Miami, Hardwell is back with a new sound on his upcoming album ‘Rebels Never Die’. Album’s fourth track ‘Black Magic’ is out on his record label Revealed Music, and gives a perfect insight into his new sound many have coined on the internet as ‘Future Techno’.

Hardwell is on a roll with his releases for his up-and-coming album ‘Rebels Never Die’ and has a new single ‘Black Magic’ to hold the anticipation and excitement of the EDM community. So far this legendary Dutch producer has released three singles on his new album, after a 4 years long hiatus, in which he has crafted fresh new sound, slowly getting detached from his big room origins. After one of the most anticipated comeback sets in EDM history packed with plethora of new music, Hardwell announced a new solo album and a world tour. Shortly afterwards, he released two singles ‘Broken Mirror’ and ‘Into The Unknown’, and shortly after that ‘F*cking Society’. Now he comes back with ‘Black Magic’, synth-packed, captivating track that immerses its listeners into the world of the world of techno. This new sound was labeled by online communities as ‘Future Techno’ for its dark, almost mystical sounds interlocked with techno characteristics and in the case of ‘Black Magic’, packed with epic, almost cinematic sounds. The use of vocals is minimal and strategic, to either enhance the atmosphere in more silent breaks of his tracks, or build up on the bridge, making his new work almost mainly instrumental, with using specific sounds to craft a surreal atmosphere in all of his tracks. Such an interesting, new blend of different sounds is surely attracting those who haven’t listened to Hardwell before.

Hardwell’s excitement for this project is hard to miss, for as his common caption for his promotional posts on Instagram hold a short, but powerful message:

“Now, I’m gonna show you who I truly am.”

For the excitement in the EDM community is strong, make sure to not miss him on his world tour and get tickets on time – his next stop being Jerusalem. In the meantime, check out Hardwell and his track ‘Black Magic’ below, and tell us what you think of his new sound:

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