ILLENIUM & Skylar Grey release long-awaited collab “From the Ashes”: Listen

After debuting a track and multiple teasings, ILLENIUM and vocalist Skylar Grey release their collaboration called “From the Ashes“.

Premiered during ILLENIUM’s “Fallen Embers” tour, this song quickly became one of the most anticipated ID’s from this Denver-based producer. After the release of a deluxe version of “Fallen Embers”, ILLENIUM released a couple of songs. Among these releases was for example Shivering, a collaboration with Spiritbox, that was first played at Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Another example is a track called All That Really Matters with Teddy Swims. Fans slowly started to realise that with this tempo, a new album will emerge eventually. ILLENIUM confirmed, that he is indeed working on another album just a year after the previous one.

After the album announcement, ILLENIUM released probably the most anticipated track yet, “From the Ashes” with Skylar Grey. From the first seconds, it is apparent that this track’s main feature are the angelic vocals provided by Skylar Grey. These vocals only needed a fitting piano melody in the beginning. Later, vocal chops and buildup tease the drop, which uses the vocals as well.

ILLENIUM proved in the past that he is a master of emotional tracks, but with this collaboration, the expectations are exceeded. Now we patiently wait for the release date of his new album, which does not have a name yet. In the meantime, you can listen to the beautiful collab between ILLENIUM and Skylar Grey below, or stream it here.

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