InteliDey Channels Haunting Progressive House Energy in New Club Edition of “Agare”

In an infectious blend of production precision and artistic soul, InteliDey has released his latest single "Agare (Club Edition)" via Extreme AIM Records.

The track is an entrancing progressive house gem, seamlessly weaving euphoric melodies and propulsive drums for an irresistible result. It directly follows its festival ddition counterpart, which was released a month ago.

Incorporating a bevy of creative elements from the original, InteliDey infuses "Agare" with lively drum pattenrs and mesmerizing soundscapes that serenade us towards its drop. Here, the haunting arrangement explodes with the help of emotive synths, howling vocal samples and a warm bassline.

Somdip Dey, the man behind the InteliDey moniker, is an engineer, entrepreneur, art and music producer, Embedded Artificial Intelligence scientist and TEDx speaker. He is currently serving as the CEO of Nosh Technologies, a tech company that tackles food waste.

His journey in dance music has been nothing short of extraordinary, and his new club edition of "Agare" mirrors the artist's unique perspective while showcasing his meticulous craftsmanship as a producer. The track's rise to #1 in the progressive house genre on Audiomack also serves as a testament to its reception within the global dance music community. Take a listen below.



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