Introducing the most emotive of NFT record labels: World Has You Records

Bringing to life an NFT record label like no other, AlmaD and Kristen Livrand present their brand new concept that combines art and music, in the form of World Has You Records. “A label that is designed by two music lovers for music lovers,” AlmaD & Livrand say

Combining art and music in the most emotive of ways, World Has You Records (WHY Records) is a brand new label brought to you by AlmaD and Kristen Livrand, with a prime mission of uniting people through their love for music, as well as through offering a fresh new concept that relates with the metaverse, and the hype surrounding NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Welcoming the future in a fashion that will most definitely leave you intrigued, WHY Records is a true manifestation of three core values that embody the vision(s) of its founders, as “high-quality exclusive music and art, unearthing and nurturing new talent, and creating memorable experiences,” help define the real purpose behind this initiative.

Introducing this innovative label with a debut NFT collection like no other, ‘Welcome to the Real World‘ brings the limelight to owner, as well as DJ/producer, AlmaD, as the man of the moment presents the most unique of mixes, comprised of his own productions, with each track acting as a clear representation of everything that this artist to watch has set out on achieving within our community. Discovering his passion for music from a young age, AlmaD is the epitome of an artist that has mastered his craft to perfection, and as time progresses, his presence is enhanced on a daily. Infusing House, Underground, Pop, Ethnic and Sacred sounds, it comes as no surprise that he has gained support on a constant basis, whilst his own Ibiza residency speaks further volumes of this fast-rising star.

Portraying the clearest of messages through their NFT collection, the artwork emphasizes the deep meaning that can be discovered through the faces of each centerpiece, as they emit a powerful yet also a subtle hint of sadness, further indicating that no matter how happy people may seem on the surface, there is always another deeper and darker side that has been caused due to the struggles and hardships that all humans face at some point in their lives. Enlisted with the task of bringing the pieces in the collection to life, African artist Kevin Philippe has reminded us all of the significance behind caring for one another, and through his spectacular artwork, we cannot help but further embrace the emotive nature of this latest venture between music and art.

A truly unique concept, WHY Records are more than set on taking both the dance industry and the metaverse by storm, and we are all for it. Securing one of these pieces for your collection is a must, as both AlmaD’s music, and Philippe’s artwork, offers the most divine of end products, and will only further enrich the lives of anyone lucky enough to join this mesmerizing initiative. With this said, be sure to visit the official WHY Records website here, as any further information can be found there in full. Don’t forget to leave us your own thoughts on the most recent metaverse and music concept in the comments section.


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Image Credit: World Has You Records (via Press)



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