Listen to ODESZA’s First EP in a Decade, the Effervescent “Flaws in Our Design”

Like the first lick of a melting popsicle on a scorching day, the arrival of summer demands an equally refreshing soundtrack. And as we embrace the season's sizzle, one question nags at the dance music hive mind: is it really summer without the soul-stirring melodies of ODESZA?

The duo's new EP, Flaws in Our Design, scratches our undeniable itch for blissed-out beats when the mercury rises and the days stretch longer. Produced in collaboration with Yellow House, the project is a song-cycle of breezy indietronica that calls to mind crisp summer air and sun-kissed daffodil meadows.

It's tough not to melt to the whimsy of the Cape Town-based singer-songwriter, whose effervescent work is an essential ingredient of this summertime cocktail. That's especially true in "Undone," one of the EP's highlights, a captivating cry for help where his croons about an existential crisis are camouflaged with ODESZA's buoyant and carefree production.

"Life can't be won, can't be tamed / The point of it all goes unnamed / The lost and the gained weigh the same / When returned to dust or to flame," Yellow House quavers.

Listen to Flaws in Our Design below and find the new EP on streaming platforms here. Fans can also pre-order the record on limited edition vinyl and cassette, which is scheduled to ship on September 28th.

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