Man Cub Lands On Seeking Blue With Melodic Bass Stunner, “Phantoms”

Blending irresistible melodic bass energy with introspective vocals, Man Cub’s new single “Phantoms” is a true stunner.

The Albuquerque-based producer is still buzzing off his recent release “Still A Light,” which saw him land on Seeking Blue Records, the label of longtime electronic tastemaker MrSuicideSheep. With “Phantoms,” Man Cub pulls back the curtain on his upcoming sophomore album, the follow-up to his stunning 13-track debut Impressions, which dropped back in 2020 via Enhanced.

A masterful display of Man Cub's production prowess, "Phantoms" features anthemic yet gossamer vocals from Allie Crystal, who belts about her struggles with mental health and depression—something Man Cub relates to as well. The song starts off with atmospheric soundscapes and organic instrumentation, the perfect bedrock for Crystal's hypnotic vocals. The drop, on the other hand, erupts by virtue of impressive sound design and cinematic melodies.

"If my music makes people feel good, or let them escape somehow, and helps them get kinda lost in the music, then I think that’s a win," says Man Cub, who launched his career back in 2018 and has since amassed millions of collective streams.

Check out "Phantoms" below and find the new single on streaming platforms here.



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