ARTY and Audien top the #1 Billboard Dance/Mix Show Airplay Chart with ‘Craving’

Russian electronic music phenomenon ARTY and American Grammy-nominated producer Audien have successfully joined forces one more time. Following their 2018 release ‘Never Letting Go’, the talented artists have outdone themselves with a melodic, uplifting track, ‘Craving’ which features singer and songwriter Ellee Duke‘s soft vocals and positive, feel-good beats and energy. A little over three months after its release on Armada Music, their track ‘Craving’ took the lust after #1 spot in the Billboard’s Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart. Audien expressed his excitement and happiness:

“‘Craving’ is that song you listen to when you’re freshly on your own after the end of a hard relationship. We’ve all been there, that toxic feeling of jealousy paired with sporadic bursts of confidence. Quite the rollercoaster. I’m so stoked to see people resonating with this song. Arty and I created this thing so organically and we were so fortunate to be able to work with Ellee Duke; she nailed it. Congrats to the whole team on the #1 Billboard Dance/Airplay position, and I can’t thank all of the stations enough for playing it and showing so much love.”

What a great success for the young artists. ARTY and Audien’s hit ‘Craving’ represents the rebuilding of confidence after a break-up, so not only does the track feature an amazing bassline and melody, its storyline is not too shabby either. Here is what ARTY said about their achievement:

“It’s always very exciting to make new music with Nate because we both know that the songs we do together will be very special for our fans. It’s made for them in the first place. It makes me even more happy that our new song ‘Craving’, which we made purely from our hearts, is now recognized widely in the United States, topping dance radio and making it to #1 in Billboard’s Dance chart! Thanks to all of our fans for your constant support and thanks to Nate, Maykel, George, Harry, Brett and Kyle for making it happen — you’re the best team in the world!”

Check out ‘Craving’ by ARTY & Audien, featuring Ellee Duke below and enjoy this uplifting masterpiece. We for sure are craving more from the trio!

Photo credit: Press

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