Beats and Bliss: 5 Ways Dubai’s FIVE Palm Jumeirah Is Redefining Luxury for EDM Enthusiasts

In the heart of Dubai, where opulence knows no bounds, FIVE Hotels and Resorts is rewriting the rules of hospitality for EDM fans.

FIVE Hotels and Resorts recently teamed up with Warner Music Group to expand its red-hot record label, FIVE Music. The landmark partnership set in motion plans to grow the imprint into a global powerhouse offering exclusive releases and curated live experiences with world-renowned DJs.

"FIVE's ethos revolves around first-in-class entertainment driven destinations with our unique 'Vibe at FIVE' that attracts a global diaspora of music lovers," said Aloki Batra, CEO of FIVE Hospitality. "It made perfect sense for us to align with global musical giant, Warner Music Group when expanding our signature label."

We recently experienced it for ourselves during a visit to Dubai, where we became immersed in the resplendent FIVE Palm Jumeirah. An escapist paradise, the hotel is setting a new standard at the intersection of luxury and music. It's a striking, sumptuous resort where hedonism is canon and electronic music is the native language.

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The culinary offerings at FIVE Palm Jumeirah were also an extension of this lavish experience. Renowned chefs crafted mouthwatering, artful bites that were so intricate, it felt like you were committing a crime by noshing down. Tantalizing the taste buds, every meal was an adventure in gastronomy.

We ate, we slept, we raved and we repeated. And when it was all said and done, it was clear that FIVE's efforts to redefine luxury for EDM enthusiasts wasn't bound by Dubai's borders. It's the start of something much bigger.

Here are five takeaways from our trip to FIVE Palm Jumeirah.

"Eyes Wide Shut" Evening Brunch and Skyline Fridays at The Penthouse

This dining experience at The Penthouse rooftop haunted our dreams in the days after our flight home. Does it get any better than an award-winning, Japanese-inspired menu paired with bottomless drinks and sultry tech house music?

Wagyu beef taco in a crispy shell followed by grilled tiger prawns with wasabi pepper sauce made for a dynamite—if slightly unconventional—surf and turf. The drinks were also beautiful, especially the "Whispering Lotus," a dry gin cocktail with yuzu, peach spritz and a tea reduction.

The event's gregarious host, Jazz, serenaded us through an evening full of culinary delights and mischievous games, like shot roulette. And it was all soundtracked by heart-pumping house beats.

The "Eyes Wide Shut" evening brunch leads right into the The Penthouse's "Skyline Fridays" series, which turns the venue into a house- and techno-fueled dance party. A high-energy DJ set from electronic music luminary Alle Farben hit the spot as the sun set.

And did we mention The Penthouse's downright absurd location? Who would want to keep their "eyes wide shut" with these panoramic views of the Dubai Marina and glittering city skyline?

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Relaxing at the ReFIVE Spa

If you danced the night away at The Penthouse and wrecked your body like we did, the ReFIVE Spa is the perfect remedy.

From luxury beauty treatments to movement and muscle recovery, the spa takes rejuvenation to another level. Here, you can recharge to the placid sounds of ambient electronic music in state-of-the-art muscle recovery beds or join holistic experiences like yoga and sound healing.

ReFIVE also has a sparkly rooftop, where you can grab some rays and relax in a pool with hydrotherapy jets. Somehow, this only scratches the surface of the spa's amenities.

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"Naughty Noodles Brunch" at Maiden Shanghai

Maiden Shanghai, a gourmet restaurant in FIVE Palm Jumeirah, is more of an adult playground than an eatery. Dubbed Dubai's best Chinese restaurant, the Shanghai-inspired hotspot spreads over three floors.

The venue's "Naughty Noodles Brunch" is not your average brunch. Hosted on Saturdays, the party offers delectable Asian dishes, Instagrammable cocktails and live entertainment, like dancers and performers.

"Naughty Noodles" also features a resident DJ, who spins electronic music as you fight the urge to dance mid-noodle-slurp. It's the perfect pre-game to an epic Saturday night at FIVE Palm Jumeriah.

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Bohemia at Beach by FIVE

FIVE's designation clubbing experiences do not stop at nightlife. Open-air parties are one of the company's cornerstones, which we found out at the stunning Beach by FIVE.

We munched Mediterranean-inspired eats on the venue's shimmering beach deck, which features cabanas, jacuzzis and a breathtaking, glass-lined pool with a remarkable chandelier.

It's here where Grammy-nominated superstar Robin Schulz headlined "Bohemia," a sun-kissed house music party. We watched the sun fold over Dubai's skyline and spectacular Arabian gulf as Schulz threw down a sizzling DJ set.

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Listening session at FIVE Music Studio

One of the coolest things about FIVE Music is its state-of-the-art production studio at FIVE Palm Jumeirah. It's a bespoke, hi-tech bolt-hole where musicians from all over the world can connect to collaborate on new music.

Kicking off the celebrations, the studio hosted a stellar writing camp with Warner Music Central Europe and Dabruck Creative, which featured Schulz, Farben and Franky Wah, among other renowned dance music producers.

"I think we have created something extremely special together," said Stefan Dabruck, founder of Dabruck Creative. "We cannot wait to welcome the world’s top songwriters, producers and artists—and I am sure we will listen to some smash hits 'Made in Dubai' very soon."

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