Calvin Harris teases potential new summer anthem

Calvin Harris teases a potential new summer anthem in a short video posted to his Instagram page.

In a short, blurry, yet exciting new post on Calvin Harris’ Instagram, the master producer revealed that he’s conjuring up a new summer anthem.  “Big summer energy buzz let’s have it xxxxx”, reads the caption as the video shows his outstanding synthesizer set-up.

Harris is arguably the most prolific producer when it comes to the soundtracks of summer, giving us years of hits that might have graced your summer playlist, including “You Used To Hold Me”, “Feel So Close”, “Sweet Nothing”, “Under Control”, shall we go on? More recently, Harris has introduced his alter ego Love Regenerator in early 2020, taking up a house and techno persona and releasing songs like “The Power of Love II”, “Give Me Strength”, and “Regenerate Love”, with more releases in the pipeline.

From what we can tell within the video, this track is buzzing with melodic arp synths and that classic “Calvin Harris” sound.  We aren’t sure how soon we’ll get our hands on the new song, but we can’t wait to hear the finished product! The caption states ‘big summer energy buzz’, so we hope to hear it soon.

Check out the Instagram post below:


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